Apply to the University of Wyoming

Welcome to the UW College of Business!

You're going to love it here.

My name is Taylor and I am lucky to get to work with you and all the other new incoming students to the University of Wyoming College of Business!

I will be your main point of contact in the College of Business as an incoming student.


We have some exciting updates happening in the College of Business, including the start of a brand new Student Success Center! 

This center will guide you through all stages of your journey, from high school into college student life, through academic advising, study abroad, and support for your career and life after UW.

Keep an eye out for updates about the center in your email!


I can also help you learn about these areas: 

  • Your admission status and scholarship eligibility
  • Majors and minors to choose from in the College of Business
  • Experiential learning- hands on experience taught by professors and industry professionals
  • Career outcomes- where our students go to for internships and jobs after graduation
  • And much more! 


Fill out the form to the right and introduce yourself- I would love to get to know you more!

Taylor True 


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