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A University of Wyoming Distance Education Is Possible...

...with the University of Wyoming Outreach School

The UW Outreach School's Division of Outreach Credit Programs delivers courses and degree programs to distance students. Additionally, the Outreach School's UW-Casper branch campus serves students in central Wyoming and offers small classes, innovative courses, and award-winning faculty. The UW Outreach School extends the University of Wyoming to our state and the world, and brings the world to Wyoming.


The University of Wyoming Outreach School offers:
  • More than 40 undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as certificates and endorsements via distance technologies.
  • Learning opportunities delivered via online, audio and video conferencing, correspondence study, and web-based instruction.
  • Top-tier quality at an affordable price.
  • Access to the UW network, allowing you to make powerful connections with faculty, fellow students, and alumni.

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