King Air airplane in background with King Air Research Aircraft: Atmospheric Science

Facility Users' Guide



Over the last 40+ years, the University of Wyoming King Air has been part of a wide variety of atmospheric research missions. Typical research applications include:

  • Boundary-layer, turbulence/flux studies
  • Mesoscale dynamics
  • Oceanographic investigations
  • Air-sea interaction studies
  • Cloud physics studies
  • Tropospheric profiling
  • Radiometric measurements, satellite ground truth
  • Atmospheric chemistry studies
  • Aerosol studies
  • Airborne remote sensing

The UW Department of Atmospheric Science maintains a large array of in situ instruments that are available upon request of the aircraft, including a suite of base measurements that are available on typical flights, as well as more specialized instruments available by request. The King Air, Wyoming Cloud Radar, and Wyoming Cloud Lidars are available on a competitive basis to all qualified researchers from universities, government agencies and private sector companies requiring these research platforms and associated services to carry out their research objectives. The deployment of all facilities is driven by the scientific merit and capabilities of our facility to carry out the proposed observations and scheduling for the requested time. 

A facility user's guide will be available soon, providing overviews of the facility request process, various aspects of aircraft and instrumentation capabilities and project design, and data processing and analysis for deployments of the next-generationg King Air. In the meantime, specific questions regarding the aircraft and instrumentation may be addressed to the contacts below.

Facility Manager: 

Jeff French | (307) 766-4143

Project Science and Operations Group: 

Associate Facility Manager, group lead: Matt Burkhart | (307) 766-4150

Flight Operations:

Tom Drew | (307) 766-2417

Engineering and Maintenance Group: 

Group lead: Nick Mahon | (307) 766-4899