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In Situ Instrumentation


In Situ Instrument and Measurement Overview

The University of Wyoming King Air (UWKA) is a "mission ready" aircraft. The UW Department of Atmospheric Science maintains a large array of in situ instruments that are available upon request of the aircraft, including a suite of base measurements that are available on typical flights, as well as more specialized instruments available by request.

The set of base measurements available for typical projects includes:

  • 3-D position
  • Ground velocity
  • Orientation
  • Airspeed
  • Flow angles
  • Altitude
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • 3-D wind components
  • Air temperature
  • Water vapor
  • Liquid water content

Specialized requestable instrumentation supported by the facility include:

  • Total water content
  • Hydrometeor spectra and properties
  • Air chemistry
  • Aerosol spectra and properties

See the list below for detailed information regarding the suite of facility-supported in situ instrumentation along with the specific measurements and derived parameters available in processed flight data files.

Considerable freedom is also permitted for mounting user-supplied instruments. UW personnel will supervise the installation of such equipment and can assist all users in the design and fabrication of user-supplied equipment to ensure that this equipment meets size, weight, and structural integrity requirements established by the department and flight facility.

University of Wyoming King Air and Airborne Instrumentation Contact

Dr. Jeff French / / (307) 766-4143

University of Wyoming King Air facility

Summary of Facility-Supported Instrumentation and Available Measurements 


Facility Manager: 

Jeff French | (307) 766-4143

Project Science and Operations Group: 

Associate Facility Manager, group lead: Matt Burkhart | (307) 766-4150

Flight Operations:

Tom Drew | (307) 766-2417

Engineering and Maintenance Group: 

Group lead: Nick Mahon | (307) 766-4899