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Communication is a liberal arts degree relevant to a variety of careers in community relations, public relations, politics, administration, law, sales management, and human resource management.

Required Core Courses For Both Communication Majors and Journalism Majors:

  • COJO 1000. Introduction to Mass Media
  • COJO 2010. Public Speaking
  • COJO 2100. Media Writing
  • STAT 2050. Introductory Statistics
    (This course is a prerequisite for COJO 3070)
  • COJO 3070. Communication Research

Required Courses For Communication Majors:

  • COJO 1040. Introduction to Human Communication Theory
  • COJO 3010. Business & Professional Communication
  • COJO 3040. Advanced Communication Theory
  • 15 hours of departmental electives, of which 12 hours must be upper division

For a listing of COJO courses, please see the Coursework page. For a full text description of the courses, please see the University Catalog.

Please note that university and COJO requirements changed in fall 2015, when the university began a new set of university program requirements.

Required courses are listed here for students who began a COJO major before fall 2015 as well as for students who enrolled fall 2015 or later.


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