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The journalism degree is designed to prepare students for careers as reporters, writers, editors, designers, content managers, advertisers, social media managers, public information officers, and public relations professionals in media organizations such as newspapers, magazines, PR and advertising agencies.

Required Core Courses For Both Communication Majors and Journalism Majors:

  • COJO 1000. Introduction to Mass Media
  • COJO 2010. Public Speaking
  • COJO 2100. Media Writing
  • STAT 2050 Introductory Statistics
    (This course is a prerequisite for COJO 3070)
  • COJO 3070. Communication Research

Required Courses For Journalism Majors:

  • COJO 3480. Internship (3 hours). Students may take up to 6 hours of internship credit for their journalism degree. For internship opportunities, please see the Internship page.
  • COJO 3530. Multimedia Production
  • COJO 4500. Mass Communication Law
  • 15 hours of departmental electives, of which 12 hours must be upper division

For a listing of COJO courses, please see the Coursework page. For a full text description of the courses, please see the University Catalog.

Please note that university and COJO requirements changed in fall 2015, when the university began a new set of university program requirements.

Required courses are listed here for students who began a COJO major before fall 2015 as well as for students who enrolled fall 2015 or later.

Suggested Specialty Areas:

Reporting & Editing

3100. Public Affairs Reporting

4100. Investigative Reporting

4110. Feature Writing Seminar (Magazine Writing)

Visual & Multimedia

2400. Introduction to Photography 

3200. Graphics of Communication

4040. Digital Video Production

4200. Visual Communication

4400. Photojournalism

4530. Website Design


Advertising & Public Relations

3300. Advertising                               

3310. Public Relations                        

3480. Internship

4310. PR Campaigns

Media & Society

3000. History of American Journalism                                                            

3520. Comm Tech & Society

4020. Mass Media & Society    


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