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The edTPA is the final assessment for students to complete in the program. EdTPA resourses for students can be found online


Residency Evalution Forms

Mentor teachers complete two evaluation forms during the student teaching semester. The first one is the midterm and evaluates the student teachers on their progress towards being sucessful in the profession up to that point as well as identifying specific areas that students should focus growth efforts on during the second half of the semester. The second is the final and will establish that the student is ready to graduate the program.  Mentors will receive an email with a link to the midterm evaluation form. Please note that the midterm rubric consists of only two ratings: Unsatisfactory; and Basic/Beyond. Also, the midterm requires setting at least three goals for continued improvement.

Completing the midterm should be a shared experience between mentors and student teachers, so please sit down and go through the rating and goal setting process together. When the Submit button is clicked a copy of the evaluation will be emailed to the mentor, the student, and the supervisor.




Students can contact Elizabeth McMahan with questions.