Peabody Supports UW's Carbon Capture Research

Peabody Energy, a leading coal producer, generously donated $500,000 to the University of Wyoming School of Energy Resources to advance innovation in the field of carbon engineering and management. This significant contribution was further amplified by Peabody’s ongoing commitment to UW through a pledge of one cent per ton of Wyoming coal sold by the company to support these efforts. 

Scott JarboePeabody serves customers on five continents from 17 mines located in the U.S. and Australia. They are heavily invested in Wyoming and operate three coal mines in the Powder River Basin—including the world’s largest, the North Antelope Rochelle Mine, which produced 60 million tons of low-sulfur coal in 2022. 

Peabody-supported projects in the UW Center for Carbon Capture and Conversion include coal char bricks and other coal-derived materials, soil amendments, asphalt, paving, roofing materials, and rare earth elements, among others. 

“Some people think about the coal mining industry as a headlamp and a pickaxe and a mule,” says Scott Jarboe, Peabody’s chief administrative officer. “But it’s a high-tech industry in a way that most people don’t recognize, and that technology is happening in the state of Wyoming. We’re a cutting-edge industry, and the university is part of that technological drive.”