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The Graduate Minor in Gender and Women’s Studies provides advanced, interdisciplinary, intersectional training in feminist and gender theory and praxis. This minor offers crucial knowledge and skills to students pursuing a wide range of graduate degrees and professional career paths.

Students who participate in this graduate minor often develop master’s and doctoral research projects linked to topics in Gender and Women’s Studies and to faculty members affiliated with GWST. This includes students from across the university, from programs as diverse as Psychology, English, American Studies, and History, to Education, International Studies, and Criminal Justice. Further, students in professional programs such as Law, Agriculture, Business, and Health Sciences may also benefit from applied gender research and analyses within their fields of inquiry.


A total of 12 credit hours are required to complete the Graduate Minor in GWST.

This includes the following:

  • GWST 5710 - Feminist Theoretical Perspectives

  • An additional 9 credit hours of GWST electives, including 6 credits at the 5000-level.

  • When practical, students should include a GWST faculty member on their thesis, dissertation or Plan B committees. Students in professional programs without a culminating research project can meet this requirement through alternative means.

Visit the Gender and Women's Studies Graduate Minor in the UW catalog to view all classes.


Additional Information

Contact the program director, Dr. Michelle Jarman (, to discuss individual plans of study.



The Queer Studies program at UW was approved in 2011. The minor draws upon the strengths of various departments to introduce both undergraduate and graduate students to the history, theory, and practice of the study of sexuality with an emphasis on gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and queer lives.

Courses encourage interdisciplinary thinking about the theoretical, historical and contemporary issues related to sexuality. Students with diverse primary interest areas may enhance their liberal arts education with a Queer Studies Minor. 

The graduate minor requires the completion of 12 hours of course work, with sample courses listed below. The core class for the graduate minor, GWST 5430 - Queer Theory, introduces students to the intellectual lens to evaluate the messages regarding gender and sexuality of many institutions and the ways in which some actual experiences fall out of line with those norms. Graduate students completing the minor will demonstrate the ability to conduct interdisciplinary analysis, research and/or creative work regarding sexuality and/or sexual minorities; demonstrate the ability to critique ideological assumptions regarding sexuality and/or sexual minorities; and demonstrate an understanding of the status of LGBTQ+ people in a variety of historical and contemporary settings.  Students completing the graduate minor will, in consultation with a Queer Studies advisor, develop a capstone experience. This latter requirement can be met through completion of a thesis/dissertation with approved Queer Studies related-content, a research-type project, or an advanced service learning project.


Visit the Queer Studies Graduate Minor in the UW catalog to view all classes.

To declare the graduate minor, complete the Change of Major form and submit it to the registrar. Please work with the program director to identify a faculty mentor and develop a course plan.


An interdisciplinary Queer Studies Advisory Committee administers the Queer Studies Minor, which is housed in the Gender and Women’s Studies program.


Additional Information

Contact the program director, Rachel Watson (




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