Benefited Direct Hire Exceptions to Posting

The University of Wyoming is an equal opportunity employer committed to eliminating barriers to employment and improving opportunities available to individuals in protected classes, particularly where there is underutilization. The University makes good faith efforts consistent with State and Federal laws to meet this goal. One method used to achieve this goal is through open competitive recruitment. Such a process is consistent with the University’s goal to increase workforce diversity. However, exceptional circumstances may justify foregoing the open competitive recruitment process for benefited staff positions.

Each request will be considered individually, on a case by case basis. The AVP of Human Resources will confer with Manager of Inclusivity Initiatives to further assess any potential impact on diversifying the campus and affirmative action placement goals before making a final determination.

The University of Wyoming recognizes that there are generally five valid situations that occasionally develop that may preclude following the standard search process: Target of Opportunity, Business Necessity, Spousal or Domestic Partner Consideration, Athletics Policy Exception and Reorganization. Candidates for opportunities that result from such situations must meet minimum qualifications for the job to which they are being appointed.

BUSINESS NECESSITY – A sudden death, resignation, termination, or long-term illness of an incumbent occupying a position that is both time-sensitive and critical to the institution’s mission and ability to deliver its curriculum and other programs may create an immediate and unexpected need to fill a position without advertising. Shortened advertising periods may also be considered under this category. Clarifications should be provided regarding the relevant time-sensitive and critical nature.

TARGET OF OPPORTUNITY – The University of Wyoming aspires to be one of the nation’s finest public land-grant research universities and our mission statement includes nurturing an environment that values and manifests diversity. To that end, departments may, on rare occasions, wish to request a Target of Opportunity hire. Target of Opportunity exceptions fall under two categories:

• A qualified scholar or candidate who meets a pre-determined and pre-approved diversity objective (i.e., minorities, women, individuals with disabilities, LGBTQ and/or veterans)


• A distinguished scholar or uniquely outstanding candidate who meets a pre-determined research objective and an institutional need Requests for Target of Opportunity exceptions may take place during the course of a search or at a time when no active search is being conducted.

Target of Opportunity hires are subject to the availability of funding.

SPOUSAL OR DOMESTIC PARTNER CONSIDERATION – This is primarily applicable to faculty appointments and will be decided on a case-by-case basis in consultation between the appropriate academic, the Office of Academic Affairs and Human Resources.

ATHLETICS POLICY EXCEPTION - This is primarily applicable to athletics appointments and will be decided on a case-by-case basis in consultation between the appropriate athletics area and Human Resources.

REORGANIZATION – This is primarily applicable to  staff appointments and will be decided on a case-by-case basis upon an approved departmental reorganizations in consultation between the appropriate department and Human Resources.

Exception Approval Process:

Departments will submit the appropriate requisition for review and approval based on the hire type and must include the appropriate selection in the Exception to Posting field, along with a thorough justification of the candidate's exceptional qualifications, the candidate's name, and the candidate's email in addition to all required fields in the requisition.

Also, please attach the following to the requisition prior to submitting for review:

 *Required Attachments*

  • Please add the RESUME/CV of the candidate to the Requisition in the Attachments section to be reviewed by Human Resources and the Manager of Inclusivity Initiatives.
  • Please add any supporting documentation that you may have.
  • For STAFF hires only the following must be attached as well: ORGANIZATION CHART showing the position's relationship to the other positions in the department.
  • For STAFF hires, please indicate the requested salary in the Explanation for Exception to Posting box, if it will be more or less than the budgeted amount for the position.  If this salary is more than the paygrade minimum, additional approvals will be required prior to a verbal offer.
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