Graduate Assistant Hire Checklist

For additional reference, please see the GA Hire User Guide

  1. Once you know who your Graduate Assistants will be, and they have registered for classes for the period you are hiring them for – you will need to fill out the online HCM Graduate Assistant Funding, Tuition and Fees Designation Form AND complete a Graduate Assistant Requisition in HCM Recruiting
  2. Departments will be required to submit hires to HR a minimum of  2 weeks in advance of the employee’s start date.  This provides time for the hiring information to move through the department(s) for necessary approvals and time for Academic Affairs and HR to process the GA Hire once received. 
  3. Once an HR Staffing Partner processes the HCM Recruiting Requisition – the hiring manager will be provided with a direct link for the specific Graduate Assistantship they were offered and that the candidate needs to go "apply" online.
  4. Once the application is received, the system will automatically run an eligibility check.  Once passed through, Academic Affairs will review and approve the hire.  If a candidate fails the eligibility check, the candidate will be moved to a "failed" status.
  5. HR will process an official offer to the candidate that automatically extended to the candidate and accepted on their behalf.  Once these actions are completed, the hire is submitted for processing and the candidate (if applicable) will be invited to complete their I-9 via Sterling Talent Solutions electronically.  Section 1 of the I-9 must be completed ON or BEFORE their 1st day worked.
  6. Once Section I of the Electronic Form I-9 is completed, the employee has up to 3 business days after their start date to complete Section 2 of the Electronic Form I-9, which is completed by HR at our office – located in Hill Hall room 327.  Employees who fail to complete the Form I-9 within the appropriate time frames are asked to cease work until they are able to comply. Departments may also be subject to fines, related to audits by the State or Federal Government, for any late hires.
  7. An employee may also complete a Direct Deposit Form and/or W-4 Form and submit to Payroll.  The forms are available on Payroll's website page.
  8. A list of all current UW Regulations and Presidential Directives can be found on General Counsel's webpage.
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