Matrix Instructions

Screening, Interviewing and Beyond!

You've posted your position, and you've been collecting applications. What now?  Now begins the crucial step of creating your screening matrix - this tool will help you determine the candidates you will be interviewing and help you keep track of all of the candidates in your search along the way.

  • For all benefited positions, once the job closes for posting or has met the minimum required posting time, a Staffing Partner will send you a Final Applicant List with instructions and a sample matrix template you can use to begin screening all applications received.  A Staffing Partner has already noted the Minimum and Desired Qualifications from your job advertisement in the "Screening Evaluations" sheet, with instructions on reviewing and scoring each criteria. 
    • Please note that candidates that do not meet your posted minimum qualifications should not be interviewed.
    • Human Resources' recommended rubric for scoring is a 0-5 scale outlined below:
      • INDEX
        5 Shows extensive evidence/experience in resume
        4 Shows considerable evidence/experience in resume
        3 Shows moderate evidence/experience in resume
        2 Shows some evidence/experience in resume
        1 Shows minimal evidence/experience in resume
        0 Shows no evidence/experience in resume
        *N/A   Will be determined during interviews

  1. Once you have completed the "Screening Evaluations" sheet and selected candidates to interview, please provide your matrix to for review.  Searches may move forward scheduling first round interviews after emailing the interview matrix to HR Recruiting.  After reviewing the matrix, a Recruiter may make recommended updates, edits and/or ask you to include additional candidates to interview within a reasonable time frame. We kindly request 1-2 business days to complete the review of your submitted materials and may reach out to you with recommended changes or updates.
      • Applicants not selected for interview should remain in Screen (Requires Approval), To be Reviewed by Hiring Manager status and a Recruiter will move them to Rejected by Employer and send a rejection correspondence based on the justification listed in the matrix.
  2. Human Resources encourages you to use the Successful Selection behavior-based interviewing model.  The Staffing/Employment Partners will work closely with their Staff Hiring Managers and Hiring Manager Assistants to help you develop a score/weighted competency-based interview guide.  Although not required for Academic and Administrative searches, it is highly recommended.  Please reach out to the Staffing  Partners at  to help you develop this tool.
  3. Once your interviews are completed, you'll complete the "Interview Evaluations" sheet within the matrix document.  Once complete, please provide this to for review and approval to continue on with your second round interviews.
    • If you will only be doing one round of interviews, please work with the Staffing Partners to modify the matrix document to reflect that action - you'll proceed with Skill Survey Reference Checks and the Final Candidate Selection process as normal at this point.
  4. Once your second round or additional interviews are finished, you'll complete the "Final Information" sheet within the matrix document.  Please provide the completed matrix to for review.  After a comprehensive review, you will be provided with approval from HR  to proceed with the Final Candidate Selection process. Reference Checks using Skill Survey must be completed by this point or prior to offer to the top candidate. 
  5. Once all the above tasks are completed, reviewed and approved by the appropriate offices, the department may start offer negotiations with the top candidate.  Please work closely with HR Staffing/Employment Partners during this process and reference appropriate Quick Reference Guides for proceeding.

Congratulations - by this point in the search, you should have determined your top candidate(s) and are most likely ready to negotiate salary at this time. **Prior to extending a verbal offer: consult with your supervisor and area Business Manager/Accountant regarding the budgeted and approved salary amount. Ensure your unit has notified the VP/Appointing Authority of the unit, as they will have to review approve this amount as well.

As we transition to the new pay matrix, it is the expectation that Staff and Administrative new hires will start closer to the minimum of the pay range and up to market for individuals experienced in most job duties.  Anything over market will unlikely be a typical zone for starting salaries except for rare occasions of critical business need or extraordinary candidates with extensive direct job experience. Consult with Classification and Compensation ( for salary approval prior to extending a verbal offer. Class Comp will review the candidate’s qualifications, the appropriateness of the request, and internal equity.

For Faculty positions, please consult Academic Affairs on any salary over the budgeted amount listed in the initial requisition.

Please follow the posted processes for the type of search you are completing and ensure you are keeping HR Employment Partners apprised of your progress to filling your search.

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