Determining Non-Benefited Position Numbers

Non-Benefited position numbers are alphanumeric based on the type of non-benefited hire and your HCM ORG number.  Please follow these instructions to determine the position number for your Non-Benefited requisition:

  1. First, you need to determine what type of position it is, each different type is associated with a number, and this number will indicate what the first two alpha-characters are:
    • HN = Hourly, non-benefited
    • WS = Work Study
    • SN = Salaried, non-benefited (excluding Graduate Assistants and Temporary Lecturers)
    • GA = Graduate Administrative Assistant
    • GT = Graduate Teaching Assistant
    • GR = Graduate Research Assistant
    • TL = Temporary Lecturer
  2. Second, you'll need to know your 5-digit HCM ORG code.  if you are not familiar with this number, please review the Chart of Accounts Organization table.
  3. These numbers are put together to create a 7 digit position number.
    • Example - a non-benefited employee working in HR: HN23001
    • Example - a work study employee working in a Chemistry lab: WS13131
    • Example - a Temporary Lecturer working in Animal Science: TL12103
    • Example - Graduate Research Assistant working in the School of Computing: GR10601
    • Example - a non-benefited cook working in Dining: HN33011
    • Example - a non-benefited research pilot in Atmospheric Science, paid a monthly salary that qualifies: SN16101
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