Non Benefited & Student Pay Plan Guideline

Non-Benefited/Student Job Categories

Hourly Wage

CLERICAL - Office Aide, Archives/Museum Aide, Desk Clerk, Library Aide, Library Technical Assistant, Marketing Assistant

  $7.25 - 15.25

SERVICE/MAINTENANCE - Accompanist/Performer I, Assistant Crew Chief, Care Provider, Catering Staff, Craft, Crew Chief, Custodian, Driver, Equipment Clerk, Event Attendant, Farm Worker, Field Aide, Field Archeologist, Food Service Worker, Lab/Research Aide I, Maintenance, Meat Lab Attendant/Assistant, Model, Orientation Leader, Recreation Assistant, Security, Stock Clerk, Workshop/Study Participant

  $7.25 - 15.25

TECHNICAL - Computer Assistant, Data Assistant, Intern, Lab/Research Aide II, Teaching Aide, Technician (non-benefited), Sign Language Interpreter, Translator, Tutor, Web Developer Aide

  $9.25 - 20.25

PROFESSIONAL - Accompanist/Performer II, Medical Staff, Professional/Non-Benefited, Speaker, Temporary Lecturer, Temporary Research Scientist, Visiting Scholar

$11.25 - Max is driven by market


Pay based on output


Monthly Stipend

RESIDENT ASSISTANT - Jobs performed in residence halls such as peer counseling, staffing the main desk, supervising recreation areas, etc. and requires certain levels of college course work.  Please note: Any compensation consisting of room and board benefits may reduce the recipient's eligibility for federal financial aid.

Room and Board plus Stipend

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