Academic & Administrative Search Process FAQs

In an effort to streamline the search process, some steps have been modified. These modifications increase the accountability of the Search Committee in conducting fair and equitable searches consistent with UW Regulation 1-3, Equal Employment Opportunity/Diversity Program.

What are the responsibilities of the Search Chair as related to equal employment opportunity?

The Search Chair is responsible for conducting the search in a fair and equitable manner, and ensuring that all committee members review applicants and their materials accordingly. This includes confirming that each member of the committee completes the mandatory WyoCloud Hiring Access Training before reviewing any vitae/resumes or other application materials submitted by job applicants.

The Chair of the committee is also expected to maintain records demonstrating the objective evaluation of applicants based on the published job ad for no less than three years.  

Why are minimum qualifications required? 

An essential part of the job ad begins with clearly identifying the minimum qualifications. Minimum qualifications identify the most basic experience, education, and skills applicants need in order to be considered for the position as advertised. These should be basic, few in number and can be answered with a “yes” or “no” response when completing the matrix. There are no point values assigned to these criteria. Applicants who do not meet all of the minimums are to be removed from further consideration.  

Examples of minimum qualifications:

  • Ph.D. in desired discipline or combination of disciplines
  • 3 years experience teaching undergraduates
  • 1 year experience advising graduate students

What about more specific requirements that reflect a range of skills, education, and demonstrated abilities?

This is done by identifying preferred qualifications for the job such as specific types of skills, demonstrated abilities, education, and length of experience. The search committee can then evaluate the candidates based on the degree to which they meet each of the preferred qualifications. Scores are required but comments are optional.  If used, comments should be objective. The committee can then identify which candidates will be selected for a first interview.

Examples of preferred qualifications:

  • 5 years teaching experience, combined graduate and undergraduate
  • 2-5 years advising graduate students
  • 2-3 years leading study abroad experiences
  • 1-2 years recruiting students

Are desired/preferred qualifications required?

Desired/Preferred criteria are not required.  However, if the job ad lists only minimum criteria, departments will likely need to conduct initial interviews with all candidates who meet those criteria. It may be necessary to conduct several rounds of initial interviews in searches that are “open until filled.” Depending on the number of candidates, this may extend the timeframe for a search. All applicants must be accounted for in some way (for more information, please review the Matrix FAQ). Once established and advertised, all criteria must remain the same throughout the search process.

Is a second interview required?

No, a second interview is not required.  For all interviews, search committees must maintain documentation reflecting how candidates were evaluated relative to the criteria, and submit that to HR at every each stage for review.

What tool should be used to document the evaluation of the candidates?

To find out more about how to use matrices please view the Matrix FAQ.  Scores and comments are required on this matrix to clarify the reasons for the preference and why other candidates are not acceptable.

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