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The Molecular Biology Department’s seminar program is one of the very best on campus. We make a strong effort to bring in visiting scientists who can provide a entertaining, enlightening, and current research report on an important area of molecular biology. Shown below is a listing of the current semester’s seminar speakers.

PLEASE NOTE:  Fall Semester seminars will start at 2:10 pm. and are held in the Berry Center Auditorium - Room 138.

Molecular Biology Fall 2018 SEMINARS

Date   Speaker & Affiliation   Title   Host
8/31/2018   Don Jarvis
University of Wyoming
  Introduction to MOLB Seminar   Don Jarvis 
9/7/2018   Chris Evans
Pulmonary Sciences and Critical Care Medicine, University Colorado Denver
  Regulation and Function of Respiratory Tract Mucins   Don Jarvis 
9/14/2018   David Bzik
Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine
  Parasite secreted proteins in cancer immunotherapy and Toxoplasma biology   Jason Gigley
9/21/2018   Beiyan Nan
Department of Biology, Texas A&M University
  The Waltz of Molecules --A bacterial cytoskeleton and its partners under single-particle microscopy   Wall
9/28/2018   Michael McMurray
University of Colorado at Denver
  To be announced   Grant Bowman
10/5/2018   Andrea Wills
University of Washington
  Remodeling chromatin and nuclear organization during vertebrate regeneration   Dan Levy
10/12/2018   Jason Stumpff
Department of Molecular Physiology & Biophysics, University of Vermont
  Centering the genome: How and why chromosomes align during mitosis   Jay Gatlin
10/19/2018   John Belisle
Associate Department Head for Research & Professor, Department of Microbiology, Immunology & Pathology, Colorado State University
  Metabolic Profiling for Infectious Diseases Biomarkers and Biosignatures: Does the "Dark Matter" Actually Matter?   Don Jarvis 
10/26/2018   Emmanuel Tzanakakis
Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering, Tufts University
  Engineering Cellular Therapies for Diabetes   Mark Gomelsky
11/2/2018   Zhaomin Yang
Department of Biological Sciences, Virginia Tech University
  PilB as a motor ATPase and a signal transducer in Type IV pilus systems   Dan Wall
11/9/2018   Nate Derr
Biological  Sciences, Smith College
  Templating molecular transport by cytoskeletal motors using DNA origami   Jay Gatlin
11/16/2018   Sandra Schmid
Department of Cell Biology, University of Texas Southwestern  Medical Center
  Dynamin: A nexus between signaling and endocytosis   David Fay
11/23/2018   NONE   NONE   NONE
11/30/2018   Erin Nishimura
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Colorado State University
  Fantastic mRNAs and where to find them   David Fay
12/7/2018   Chao-ting Wu
Genetics, Harvard University
  Looking at chromosomes through Hi-C, ultraconserved elements, and super-resolution   *Sean Stettner
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