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Institutional Marketing Staff

Institutional Marketing is an award-winning marketing team of professionals that partners with numerous UW units to produce high quality, integrated results.


Headshot of Chad Baldwin

Chad Baldwin

Associate Vice President, Communications & Marketing
Bureau of Mines, 147
(307) 766-2929 | cbaldwin@uwyo.edu

Headshot of Michelle Eberle

Michelle Eberle

Director, Brand & Marketing
Bureau of Mines, 222
(307) 766-3325 | meberle@uwyo.edu

Headshot of Kass Sprague

Kass Sprague

Executive Business Manager of Institutional Marketing
Bureau of Mines, 215
(307) 766-2379 | kass7@uwyo.edu

Headshot of Joe Myers

Joe Myers

Office Assistant, Senior


Headshot of Micaela Myers

Micaela Myers

Managing Editor, UWyo Magazine


headshot of Justin Rowe

Justin Rowe

Associate Director, Retention Marketing
Bureau of Mines, 216
(307) 766-2344 | jrowe5@uwyo.edu

Headshot of Emily Edgar

Emily Edgar

Associate Director, Creative Services
Bureau of Mines, 105 A
(307) 766-3280 | eedgar@uwyo.edu

Headshot of Mindy Peep

Mindy Peep

Associate Director, Digital & Content Strategy

(307) 766-3256 | mpeep@uwyo.edu

Headshot of Matt McDermit

Matt McDermit

Associate Director, Enrollment Marketing

(307) 766-3876 | mmcdermi@uwyo.edu

Headshot of Julie Sheldon

Julie Sheldon

Graduate Enrollment Marketing Strategist

(307) 766-2846 | jsheldo2@uwyo.edu

Icon of a person

Akriti Subedi

Web Site Designer/Developer Sr


Icon of a person

Caroline Bragg

Website Coordinator


Headshot of Emily Hakert

Emily Hakert

Website Coordinator


Headshot of Hannah Ellis

Hannah Ellis

Social Media Strategist


Headshot of Taylor Dowlin

Taylor Dowlin

Marketing Coordinator


Icon of a person

Miles Englehart

Retention Marketing Specialist


Headshot of Mark Belcher

David Mark Belcher

Marketing & Communications Specialist, College of Health Sciences
Bureau of Mines, 141
(307) 766-3244 | mercury@uwyo.edu

Portrait of Michaela Jones

Michaela Jones

Marketing & Communications Specialist, College of Arts & Sciences
Bureau of Mines, 138
(307) 766-3220 | mjones65@uwyo.edu

Icon of a person

Amyntas Hinckley

Marketing & Communications Specialist, College of Business
College of Business, 375
(307) 766-4185 | amyntash@uwyo.edu 

Icon of a person

Cody Schofield

Marketing & Communications Specialist, College of Education

(307) 766-2532schofi3@uwyo.edu

Headshot of David Keto

David Keto

Communications & Technology Manager, UW Extension & College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Ag Building, 121
(307) 766-5695 | dketo@uwyo.edu

Headshot of Jennifer Kirk

Jennifer Kirk

Marketing & Communications Specialist, UW Libraries
Coe Library, Room 502D
(307) 766-5630 | jkirk3@uwyo.edu

Headshot of Caitlyn Spradley

Caitlyn Spradley

Marketing & Communications Specialist, College of Engineering & Physical Sciences


Headshot of Ted Brummond

Ted Brummond

Photo Service Manager
Bureau of Mines, 107
(307) 766-6500 | directed@uwyo.edu

Headshot of Ali Grossman

Ali Grossman

Video Producer


Headshot of Mary Jung

Mary Jung

Video Producer
Bureau of Mines, 134
(307) 766-3574 | mjung@uwyo.edu

icon of a person

Kyriessa Lane

Video Producer


Headshot of Andrew Wee

Andrew Wee

Photographer & Video Producer
Bureau of Mines, 105 B

Portrait of Fernando Lechuga

Fernando Lechuga

Marketing & Graphic Design Specialist


Headshot of Casidy Mittelstadt

Casidy Mittelstadt

Graphic Design Specialist


Headshot of Brittny Wroblewski

Brittny Wroblewski

Marketing & Graphic Design Specialist


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Institutional Marketing

1000 E. University Ave

Dept. 3226

Laramie, WY 82071-2000

Phone: (307) 766-3257

Email: uwmktg@uwyo.edu

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