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Publication Process

Institutional Marketing is a liason in the publication process to ensure your publications, print advertisements and promotional materials reflect the prestige and goals of the University of Wyoming. A variety of resources, including design elements and templates, are available to guide you through the design and development of your project. The UW Brand Standards Manual provides policies, procedures and recommendations relating to Institutional Marketing.

Publication services include:


Requests for services must be submitted via the Project Request Form. You will receive a response within two business days. Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

Print Specification Bid Forms

The Institutional Marketing Department will review and submit client authored Pub Form Single Lot, Pub form Multiple Lots and Revised Pricing Form for print publishing projects. 

Once you've completed your Pub Form Single Lot, Pub form Multiple Lots or Revised Pricing Form please email it to uwmktg@uwyo.edu for review. We'll work together with you to finalize your Print Specification bid form. After this, we'll work with Procurement Services to send your Printer Specification bid form out to bid.

Vendor Mail Processing

Please anticipate a 3-5 business day delay to account for mail list processing and final mailing of design files. Variable Data Processing: Please anticipate a 5-7 work day delay to account for additional variable data printing.

External Bulk Mail Processing Options

The United States Postal Service (USPS) requires an NCOA scrub* to be run on bulk mail pieces to qualify for the lowest rate. All addresses must be run through the scrub to quality. If there are addresses which you have verified correct, there are two options to consider:

  1. Have the non-mailable addresses returned from the vendor for you to mail directly.
  2. Have the vendor send one NCOA verified mailing at the best possible rate, and those addresses deemed non-mailable by the USPS sent at the standard bulk rate, by the vendor.

*The NCOA scrub runs directly from the USPS data files. The USPS determines appropriate rates.

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