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Energy Frontier: The Wyoming Landscape Podcast


The “Energy Frontier: The Wyoming Landscape” podcast brings together academic researchers, industry professionals, students, policy makers, and more to explore energy topics, including SER’s research efforts and developing Wyoming projects.

Episode 1: Welcome to the inagural episode of Energy Frontier: The Wyoming Landscape. This episode is hosted by Kara Fornstrom, Director of the Center for Energy Regulation and Policy Analysis at the School of Energy Resources, University of Wyoming, to introduce listeners to the permanent podcast host, Dr. Holly Krutka, SER Executive Director. In this episode, listeners will learn more about Dr. Krutka, the School of Energy Resources and the goals of launching this podcast.




Episode 1

Episode 2: This episode introduces listeners to the creation of the School of Energy Resources, its early days and evolution with Dr. Fred McLaughlin, director of SER's Center for Economic Geology Research. He also discusses SER's recent growth and describes some of its biggest projects.



episdoe 2 - fred mclaughlin

Episode 3: Wyoming is one of the largest energy-producing states with strong oil, gas, and coal sectors, with an increasingly growing hub for advanced technologies like nuclear, hydrogen, and carbon capture and sequestration. This episode focuses on how the School of Energy Resources is preparing the next generation of Wyoming's workforce with Academic Director Kami Danaei, SER alumnus Kyle McDonald, and current student Connor Fleming. 



episdoe 3 - kami, alum and student

Episode 4: Wyoming is a top oil and natural-gas producing state and continues to explore ways to access untapped oil and gas reserves, including the Mowry Project. This episode explores the structure of SER's research program and the vital importance of pursuing multi-disciplinary oil and gas research with Scott Quillinan, SER Senior Director of Research.



Episode 4 Scott Quillinan

Episode 5: Nuclear energy is an extremely powerful source of low-carbon energy, but it is often not well understood. In this episode, listeners will learn about SER's Nuclear Energy Research Center with Co-Directors Tara Righetti and Caleb Hill, explore the process for generating nuclear energy, the benefits and risks of this technology and its future in Wyoming.






Episode 5 - Nuclear

Episode 6: Wyoming is the top coal-producing state in the U.S. In an interview with Trina Igelsrud-Pfeiffer, director of SER's Center for Carbon Capture and Conversion, this episode focuses on how Wyoming is exploring non-thermal applications to utilize this vast resource.


Episode 6 Carbon Engineering

Episode 7: Hydrogen is a new and exciting topic at the forefront of innovation in a changing energy landscape. This episode explores how Wyoming is identifying the opportunities and advantages of the emerging hydrogen economy with SER's Director of the Hydrogen Energy Research Center, Eugene Holubnyak.


episode 7 - eugene holubnyak

Episode 8: In this episode, listeners will learn about the Wyoming Taxpayers Association, get some reflections on the 2024 legislative session as well as the future direction of the organization with Ashley Harpstreith, Director of the Wyoming Taxpayers Association and UW Intern Dawson Kluesner. The guests will also discuss the Cowboy Family Report, an WTA initiative recently unveiled, including the interactive dashboard.


episode 8 - wyoming taxpayers association

Episode 9: In this episode, listeners will gain an understanding of the methodologies used in SER's 2023 Social License Study and a summary key takeaways with the authors Selena Gerace and Jessica Western.


episode 9, social license to operate

Episode 10: In this episode, Dr. Krutka is joined by Caryn Campbell, Director of Operations for Enbridge's southwest region. She will discuss the safe and reliable operations of pipeline and terminal assets as well as providing leadership by mentoring women in STEM.


caryn campbell - enbridge

Episode 11: In this episode, Dr. Krutka is joined by Esther Wagner, one of the authors a recently published SER paper titled "Headed West: the Challenges and Opportunities Facing Exports of Wyoming Natural Gas to Decarbonizing Western Markets" and Kara Fornstrom, CERPA Director. The guests discuss the paper and how Wyoming is uniquely positioned to thrive given the low-carbon attributes of its natural gas resource.


Episode 11: Esther Wagner and Kara Fornstrom