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Hydrogen, or H2, is a natural fit for Wyoming energy production, as the state’s natural resources and existing infrastructure are well-suited to launch a hydrogen economy. The Hydrogen Energy Research Center (H2ERC) will look to lead applied research and collaborate with Wyoming stakeholders to support growth of a hydrogen industry focused on serving the state’s existing energy customers and growing new markets.

H2ERC research will focus on all forms of clean hydrogen including:

    • low-cost coal via gasification

    • natural gas resources via methane reforming

    • high-capacity wind energy via electrolysis,

    • potential for solar, nuclear, and more.

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SER’s mission is to promote energy-driven economic development for the state of Wyoming. SER leads the University of Wyoming’s talent and resources for interdisciplinary research and outreach, fulfilling Wyoming’s promise to be a global leader in a thriving and sustainable energy future. SER is further committed to advancing the directive set forth by Gov. Mark Gordon to strive toward net-negative carbon emissions through all methods of energy development and production. 

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Wyoming is a proud energy-producing state, exporting over 90% of the energy it produces. As the energy mix changes across the US and beyond, Wyoming is identifying opportunities to diversify its economy, including its energy sector. One of the principal objectives of H2ERC will be to identify and quantify the relative competitive advantages of Wyoming in an emerging low-carbon hydrogen economy. 


Creating Hydrogen from Wyoming Natural Resources

Wyoming has the potential to utilize abundant, existing resources and transform them into potential feedstock for clean hydrogen including low-cost coal, natural gas, wind, solar and uranium. 



Investigating Novel Transportation Approaches

With existing transportation infrastructure and a vast network of natural gas pipelines, research will be geared toward optimizing hydrogen transportation networks in Wyoming.

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 Evaluating Options to Use Produced Water

Water usage and availability are key for most hydrogen manufacture. Research will seek to use produced water as a feedstock for hydrogen production, conserving fresh water resources in Wyoming.

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 Techno-Economic and Market Assessments

As a major energy exporter, researchers will work to identify new and emerging markets for hydrogen, placing Wyoming at the forefront of hydrogen development for state-wide economic diversification.


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Total Fundraising Goal: $12.1 Million 

Following the successful model of existing Centers of Excellence such as the Center for Economic Geology Research (CEGR), HERC will operate with two full-time staff members and utilize interdisciplinary collaborators within SER and across the UW campus. Within five-years of it’s launch, HERC will grow into a self-sustaining entity through external research grants and will conduct research to keep Wyoming positioned as a major energy exporter. 

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Goal $4.6 Million 

Includes staffing the center, providing seed funding for research projects, and successfully launching the center to expand and support its long-term viability. 


Goal $5 Million 

Consists of an excellence fund that will support cost-share for competitive grants, ongoing seed funding for new projects beyond the initial three years, and graduate students focused on research relevant to a Wyoming hydrogen economy. 


Goal $2.5 Million 

Includes a faculty excellence chair to recognize and support excellence for a UW faculty member focused on hydrogen research topics. 

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Energy Innovation Center (EIC)
1000 E. University Avenue, Dept. 3012
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Phone: 307-760-4184
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