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    Committee Chair: Senator Mollie Hand

    Goals and Objectives: 

    • Conduct elections and fill vacant seats 

    • Provide division constituents' lists to respective Senators 

    • Oversee and evaluate Rules and Procedures 

    • Assist with interpretation of Rules and Procedures 

    • Absorb the constituents of an officer

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    Committee Chair: 

    Goals and Objectives:  

    • Recognize achievements and contributions of staff 

    • Select Employee of the Quarter 

    • Coordinate Staff Recognition Day and related awards 

    • Lead efforts to fund the Staff Recognition Endowment 

    • Organize award nominations and select winners 

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    Committee Chair: Senator Jeannie Czech

    Goals and Objectives: 

    • Advise on salary, benefits, classification, and staff rights and responsibilities 

    • Develop and provide information on classification, salary, benefits and staff rights 

    • Appoint liaisons to monitor Staff Senate initiatives 

    • Facilitate process efficiencies and advise on improvements  

    • Advise on potential regulations and policies related to staff 




Contact Us

UW Staff Senate
Merica Hall, Room 320
1000 E. University Ave.
Dept. 3413
Laramie, WY 82071
Phone: (307) 766-5300
Office Associate Senior, Christina McDonald:
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