River Village Apartments

The River Village Apartments feature 23 accessible apartments.  These apartments are either two bedroom or three bedroom and feature ground-level entrances.

Elevators and Lifts

  • There are no elevators or lifts in the River Village Apartments.

Accessible Parking (accessible spaces, paths, etc.)

  • There are 17 accessible parking spaces found in various locations around the River Village Apartments
    • 1 accessible space is located outside of Building 262 on Horseshoe Lane
    • 2 accessible spaces can be found at the roundabout on Horseshoe Lane
    • 4 accessible spaces are along Lodgepole Lane, 2 outside of Building 2626 and 2 outside of Building 2627
    • 5 accessible spaces are along Sundance Lane, 1 outside of Building 256 and 4 outside of Building 252
    • 4 accessible spaces are on Pathfinder Lane, 2 spaces outside of Building 2510 and 2 spaces outside of Building 2501
    • 1 accessible space can be found outside of Apartment 746, on Arrowhead Lane
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