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Student Org Marketing


Marketing Opportunities

Student Orgs have an abundance of marketing opportunities on campus. Before creating marketing materials, please look at our advertising policies listed below.

For additional assistance, please refer to the Student Org Handbook.

CSIL Marketing Office - The CSIL Marketing Office can offer graphic design assistance to Student Orgs. Requests must be made at least 6 weeks in advance and are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. To take advantage of this service and learn more about their services for Student Orgs, please contact or visit their website


Poster Run: Student Orgs, Campus Depts. and Community Orgs

Purpose: The main purpose of our weekly poster run is to provide our student org community with the opportunity to promote thier events, programs, and leadership devlopment opportunities. 

Student Orgs - The poster-run service distributes posters to designated bulletin boards across campus, and Student Orgs can utilize this service free of charge. Posters must be advertising an event and be no larger than 11" x 17" (preferred vertical layout). The Student Org's name, event name, date, time, and location must be included on the poster to be approved. In order for the poster to be distributed, the event must be registered on Cowbell at least 2 weeks in advance of the event date. Before printing the posters, please email the design to or bring one copy to the Student Orgs and Entertainment Office (Union 012) to get the poster approved. Once the poster has been approved, bring 30 posters to the Student Orgs & Entertainment Office by Thursdays no later than 5:00PM. Posters will stay up for two weeks or until the event has happened, whichever comes first. 

Campus Departments - Campus departments cannot request use of the poster run (see UW FY24 Fee Book). We apologize for any inconvenience, thank you for understanding. 

Community Orgs: Community-based organizations seeking out opportunities to promote through the poster-run service, can do so through our limited offering of the Wyoming Union. For approvals for posters at the Wyoming Union please stop by the Information Desk (located near Rolling Mill's) which they have the capacity for one (1) poster no larger than 11x17. 

Poster Run Limiations: Posters that seek out human subjects participants for research, promotion of class/degree program enrollment, and non-university empolyment opportunitites are prohibited. 


Poster Run Semester Dates (Approved Posters Due Thursdays by 5:00PM):

  • Spring 2024
    • First Run-Jan. 12th
    • Last Run- April 26th
      • No Run on Mar. 15th 

Poster Room - The poster room, located in the Student Orgs & Entertainment Office, offers free poster-making supplies for any registered event or regularly occurring meeting.

Advertising in the Union

  • Digital Signs - Requests for digital signs are done through the Cowbell event registration process. The final image size must be 1920 x 1080 pixels (px). 

  • Breezeway Tables - Each Student Org can request up to 10 breezeway tables per month by requesting a reservation through the Union Events office or by emailing

  • Table Tents - Table tents are on every table throughout the Wyoming Union. Student Orgs can reserve a section by clicking here or sending an email to

  • Sandwich Boards - All posters hung on sandwich boards must be 2' x 3' and may be hung for a week-long period over the course of a month. Request a reservation or email to reserve space. 

Club & Org Fairs - Now called Involvement Fest, this event happens bi-annually. They are an opportunity for your Student Org to recruit new members and publicize your upcoming events. The fall event happens within the first two weeks of the fall semester on Prexy's Pasture (rain site typically the Wyoming Union), and the winter event happens during the first week of the spring semester in the Union.

UWYO Events Posting - If your Student Org gives permission during the event registration process, the Student Orgs & Entertainment Office will submit your event to UWYO Events. Contact information provided by the event registration submitter will be listed in the UWYO Events posting.

Advertising Policies

  • The University of Wyoming logo is allowed to be used by Student Orgs as long as it is not altered in any fashion. For more information, contact Institutional Marketing at

  • The Steamboat logo may be used with permission from Trademark Licensing. To utilize Steamboat, contact Trademark Licensing at 307-766-2364.

  • Sidewalk chalk is prohibited for use on University of Wyoming grounds and buildings.

  • Posted advertisements may be placed on approved bulletin boards across campus through the Poster Run. If you miss the Poster Run, please visit the Student Orgs & Entertainment Office to get a list of approved bulletin boards and have your posters stamped so that members of your organization can hang them.

  • Posting is not permitted on interior and exterior doors, interior and exterior walls, windows, fences, vehicles, directional and informational signs, lamp posts, bus waiting areas, light poles, barricades, trees, walk ways, or waste baskets.

  • Posting over or removing existing material that has not expired is not allowed.

  • The promotion for sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products is prohibited.

  • If your event is receiving ASUW Funding, all advertisement materials must have the ASUW Logo placed on them.