student and advisor looking at computer screen

Subscriptions and Services

We recognize that Zoom-fatigue is a real thing and repeated virtual offerings poser their own unique challenges. In Student Orgs. and Entertainment, we are committed to providing additional resources and outlets to make your meetings, bonding, activities more fun and engaging during these largely virtual times. We have arranged the following subscriptions for our student organizations to use:

  • Goosechase Scavenger Hunt – create custom photo, video, or location-based scavenger hunts and puzzles.

  • Trivia Maker – Make (or use pre-created) your own trivia games in four different styles: grid, list, trivia, and wheel.

  • BingoMaker – Host your own virtual bingo game for up to 500 people using virtual or printed cards. You can generate your own themed cards to make more customized for your organization or event.

To access these services, email us at requesting the day or timeframe you want to use the service. We will set up a temporary login for you to use or email you with a user code (depending on the service).