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Restorative Justice



People holding up their activity craft from a Restorative Justice gathering.

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   What is Restorative Justice?

      Restorative Justice (RJ), is a communal approach to prevent or respond to harm,
      with an emphasis on healing, social support, and active accountability. RJ includes
      a variety of practices, with many rooted in Indigenous and religious traditions.




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How Does Restorative Justice Help?   

Some restorative practices help prevent harm by empowering people to build      
relationships and strengthen communities. Their practices respond to harm by      
helping to clearly identify harms, needs, solutions, and accountability through      
an inclusive and collaborative decision-making process. Reach out to us to learn      
more about the restorative conferencing process, the community talking circles,      
and how they may benefit you and/or your community.      

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Restorative Justice participants sitting in a circle for an activity.

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   Why Choose Restorative Justice?

      Why Choose Restorative Justice?

  • RJ promotes understanding and empathy.
  • It allows for more personalized and meaningful resolutions.
  • RJ fosters a sense of community and shared responsibility.
  • It can lead to long-lasting solutions and healing.



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