1. Support internationalization as an integral and significant element of the UW mission and strategic plan;
  2. Promote and sustain greater involvement of COE students in study abroad experiences;
  3. Contribute to a supportive academic and cultural environment for international students and scholars;
  4. Increase and sustain international endeavors for COE faculty;
  5. Internationalize COE curriculum across all program areas;
  6. Develop and sustain transnational research and scholarship opportunities for COE faculty and students.


The College of Education aims to provide its students with both an understanding of our local, diverse community, as well as the tools to become active leaders and responsible members of the increasingly interconnected, global society they will work in. The College also seeks to support faculty in their internationalization efforts on and off campus. These objectives are met through curricular and co-curricular offerings; interaction with students and faculty from a broad range of cultures; and opportunities to travel, study and perform research abroad. In order to realize the College of Education's vision for internationalization, we constantly seek to: increase our international population through visiting and full time students; determine how best to incorporate more global perspectives into our curriculum; increase the diversity of our faculty; increase opportunities for the College's students and faculty to travel abroad for the purposes of study, research and cultural awareness; develop funding sources for international programming on campus and abroad; increase our presence and name recognition globally; increase co-curricular offerings with an international focus, including internships, volunteer opportunities, lectures and more; support development of increased international competency fo faculty and staff; focus on world regions and international opportunities that advance the College of Education's global education mission. (inspired by Barnard College, Columbia University)


Our purpose is to educate students as global citizens, including attributes of openness to and understanding of other worldviews, empathy for people with different backgrounds and experience to oneself, the capacity to value diversity, and respect for indigenous peoples and knowledge (inspired by the Internationalization Leaders Network organized by the Canadian Bureau for International Education).

Worldwide Engagement

Our faculty and students are engaging in international activities, including study abroad trips, university partnerships, and research. Take a virtual trip around the world to see our latest efforts to engage UW students in a global society.
Picture of a UW Pride Flag

Points of Pride

UW Pride is more than just colorful clothing—it’s a bold attitude that draws on a rich heritage of education, exploration and enterprise, and symbolizes the spirit of the West. UW celebrates the achievements of the individuals who represent our institution including students, faculty, staff, alumni and donors, as well as its unique bond with the people of Wyoming.

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UW Pride also showcases our commitment to excellence in facilities and programs supported by public and private contributions, ranging from the Michael B. Enzi STEM facility and the Buchanan Center for Performing Arts to the Top-Tier Science Initiative and Trustees Education Initiative.

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Go Pokes!

Learn hard, play hard. For more than 100 years, Pokes fans have been cheering on their favorite UW athletic teams while sporting their best Brown and Gold. Our outstanding student-athletes compete in both NCAA Division I-A and club sports, and strive for excellence on and off the field. Go Pokes!

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