Corporate Engagement

Brand Awareness

Be seen at the University of Wyoming. As the only 4-year institution in the state of Wyoming, visibility on our campus maximizes your company’s recognition. Whether its students building relationships with your brand through events, support, and sponsorships or the faculty and staff becoming familiar with your company through formal and informal partnerships, establishing your brand on campus is important. Strategic investment in the University of Wyoming through events, scholarships, research, athletics and facility support add mutual benefits to a company and UW. 

The corporate engagement team looks forward to recommending opportunities to build brand exposure on campus while deepening your connection to campus in a meaningful way with opportunities including: 

  • Sponsoring events 
  • Philanthropic support including scholarships and programmatic excellence funds 
  • Faculty chairs, professorships and fellowships 
  • Naming rights for buildings and spaces 
  • Equipment donations  
  • Athletics sponsorships
  • Campus days 



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