Corporate Engagement

Faculty Engagement

Through strategic partnerships your company can work with our talented faculty to solve pressing problems and generate innovation in fields from STEM to education. With the creativity and expertise that our faculty generate and the ingenuity and practical experience that industry partners offer the possibilities are limitless. 

Similar to sponsored research partnerships, faculty engagement offers your company access to the outstanding minds that roam our halls, however rather than just solve a problem your company can choose to support a cause, project, or area of research. Through a faculty engagement partnership your company can lend support to the ideas and hard work that move industry forward and who are working on the answers to questions we have yet thought to ask. Faculty engagement also broadens the scope of your company’s impact. When you provide support for a faculty member you give them the space and creative freedom to extend their reach to the community and move their influence outside the university’s walls. This might include outreach, service, and learning opportunities that help build Wyoming’s communities and weave UW’s industry partnerships into the fabric of those communities. 


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