Corporate Engagement


Investments at the University of Wyoming not only mean investing in students and faculty but investing in community. Strategic investments at UW results in critical research and talent development for a rapidly changing future. This investment prepares our communities for new and developing workforce needs. As an industry partner, your company is a part of that community, creating an evolving twenty-first century workforce.

At UW, we understand that a thriving industry is one that generates new ideas and provides a strong vision for the future. A philanthropic partnership with the University of Wyoming through the UW Foundation helps your company access the brilliant minds that make this possible. These partnerhsips put your company at the cutting edge of Wyoming’s next generation of leaders. 

Our UW Foundation corporate engagement team helps you and your company develop a giving strategy that suits your needs while aligning with university goals.   

  • Scholarships

    Scholarships help the university support students as they develop the skills to be competitive in an evolving market. More importantly, named scholarship funds demonstrate your company's dedication to building the UW community, lending a hand to some of UW's twelve thousand students. Your scholarship can support tuition, living expenses, experiential learning, research, and other costs that set UW students up for success.

  • Excellence Funds

    UW prides itself on providing outstanding education for students and outstanding research support for our faculty. Excellence funds make this possible by providing funding that supports a particular program or department, a college dean, or the university as whole. Excellence funds are an integral part of philanthropy at UW that is a vote of confidence in the work that our faculty and students put in to building Wyoming’s future.

    excellence funds
  • Faculty Support

    UW is home to many high-performing faculty. Your company can support these faculty through endowed and nonendowed gifts of fellowships, professorships, and chairs. These types of funds are tied to the position, allowing donors to support faculty working in a certain field. Your company builds relationships with university faculty in your area of interest and get in on the ground floor of world-changing research.

    faculty support

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