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About Us


Our community is comprised of 15 chapters, who are overseen by two governance councils depending on the type and affiliation of the organization. Additionally, the Fraternity and Sorority Community has two academic based honorary organizations.

The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life is in place to serve as a support and guide for chapters and councils throughout our community. To learn more about the staff that support the FSL community efforts or to contact our office with a question or comment, please explore the “Our Staff” page.  

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Grow and Develop

Education and personal development is first. While enrolled, students will be challenged and grow due to experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. An FSL experience provides practical application to classroom knowledge and conversation.

 Build Connections

Humans are social creatures. To be most successful while at the University and feel connected, relationships must be built. Relationships are at the core of the FSL community because of the support and friendships offered day-to-day and the larger networks that develop and last a lifetime.


Give Back

Our chapters and the greater FSL community give their time to local and national agencies, use their talents to help or teach others in need, and raise money and donate to important causes which make a profound impact on the UW, Laramie, and greater Wyoming community.

Lead with Integrity

The FSL experience is about developing deeper understanding of oneself. With a greater understanding of oneself, personal values align with actions and others want to follow. The group then becomes a model for others and positive change is created.


Many of our chapters have facilities that members live in, meet in, and socialize in. Each facility is different and provides a different experience for active members during their time at the University. 

Over the next few years, the Fraternity and Sorority Community will continue to grow - both in the number of chapters and number of members in chapters. We look forward to supporting our new chapters and members as well as continuing to welcome new and returning organizations to the University of Wyoming campus.