tobin house building during the day


Living in the Tobin House


The Tobin House is a special living option offered in collaboration between the Honors College and Residence Life for the 2023-24 academic year. 
Located on the corner of Sorority Row and 15th Street, the Tudor-style landmark was built in 1930 by architect Wilbur Hitchcock to house the fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon. It was purchased in 2013 by the University of Wyoming for additional on-campus housing and renovated in 2019. 
On the main floor of the house, there is a formal dining area and sitting room along with a multiple comfortable lounges and grand fireplace. Both double and single rooms are equipped with single beds that can be lofted or bunked, a desk with a hutch and chair, and two, two drawer dressers. 
The Tobin House has a full kitchen (excluding oven), game room, study areas, laundry facilities, and an abundance of usable space for activities.
The application for 2023-24 year is now closed. Honors Housing options (including locations and types) for 2024-25 will be announced in March of 2024.
students playing connect four in tobin house student studying in tobin house students playing monopoly in tobin house



Take the Tour


Curious about the classic ambiance and enchanting features of the Tobin House? From pool tables and pianos, to the space in the room quarters and everything in between, this video tour will provide you with a full-scope look at everything the Tobin House offers to its residents.

Want to see a floor plan to plan for your big move? UW Residential Living has you covered with a complete room layout. 



Snapshots of Resident Life  


What does life look like in the Tobin House? How does cooking a delicious meal with
friends work? Where can you find a quiet place to study before an assesment?
Is there a place to sit with a nice book and enjoy the sunlight shining through a
nearby window. Check out these photo stills of what life looks like inside of
the Tobin House.


students playing monopoly at tobin housestudents studying in tobin house group playing board game in tobin houseGroup conversing in the sun room in Tobin HouseGroup visiting in the living area in Tobin HouseGroup visiting in the living area in Tobin HouseGroup playing pool in Tobin HouseGroup in lounge area of Tobin HouseGroup reading in the Tobin House