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Sponsored Students at the University of Wyoming

Who is a Sponsored Student?

Any international student who is financial supported by an outside organization. This can be a third-party agency, international organization, or government. Sponsored students do not pay UW tuition and fees directly. 


Services We Provide

International Students and Scholars at the University of Wyoming provides sponsored students with a designated Sponsor Student Advisor. Services include:

  • Monthly one-on-one meetings
  • A breakout session during orientation to introduce sponsored students to representatives from International Students and Scholars, Student Financial Services, and Student Health Insurance
  • Liaising between campus and sponsoring agencies
  • Advising on F and J visa questions
  • Programming for sponsored students which includes campus trips and activities
  • For sponsoring agencies sending short-term students, UW provides expedited and monitored admissions by accepting admission packets directly from sponsors


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Attention: Sponsoring entities may qualify for admission under alternative entry criteria and may ask for a comprehensive review for consideration. Please see our approved Sponsoring Entities & Alternative Entry Criteria page for more information. Entities wishing to be considered for alternative entry criteria may reach out to Jill Johnson to initiate a comprehensive review process.


The Student Financial Services office will send invoices to each government or agency sponsor after the add/drop period for each semester.

Students: The University of Wyoming must have a current Financial Guarantee on-file before we bill your sponsor! If we do not have a Financial Guarantee, or it has expired, you will be billed for tuition and fees! For unpaid balances on your account please contact either your Sponsor Advisor or the Student Financial Services office. Do not pay the unpaid balance until you confirm your sponsor is paying first.

Sponsors: For assistance with a student's bill, please contact Student Financial Services by email at or by calling 307-766-6233.

Tips for Sponsored Students:

-Check your WyoWeb at the end of the semester to see if your sponsor has paid your tuition. The responsibility of the University of Wyoming's Student Financial Services office is to send an invoice to your sponsoring agency after the add/drop deadline. If at the end of the semester your sponsor has not yet paid the tuition invoice, then you must contact your sponsoring advisor to follow up.

-If the invoice is not paid, then a bursar hold is placed on your account, which will prevent you from registering for classes for the next semester.

-If you drop a course after the add/drop deadline then you may be liable for the cost of the tuition and fees for that course. Always confirm with your sponsoring agency if you will be responsible for any tuition or fees for a course you drop after the add/drop deadline at the beginning of the semester.


Financial Guarantees

A Financial Guarantee is a document that acts an an agreement between the sponsoring agency and the University of Wyoming. The sponsor is committing to paying for the student's tuition and any other bills listed on the guarantee. Some guarantees (SACM, Kuwait) have expiration dates. If the financial guarantee expires it is the student's responsibility to contact their sponsor advisor to request a new guarantee be sent to the school, otherwise the student will be responsible for that semester's tuition and fees.

Financial Guarantees can be emailed to


Waiving Your Student Health Insurance

All international students are required to enroll in the university health insurance plan. Students who are sponsored by either their government or a third-party agency may request a waiver for their insurance if the sponsor is enrolling the student in a comparable health plan. Plans must be approved by the Student Health Insurance office before the add/drop deadline for semester, otherwise the student will be automatically enrolled in the UW insurance plan.

To Waive Your Health Insurance
Before the Fall/Spring semesters begin, you must email your name, W# (student ID number), sponsor name, and a copy of your health insurance card.

Government sponsored students (SACM, Kuwait, Saudi Aramco, Oman)

You must also have a current financial guarantee on-file with the university. If your financial guarantee has expired, contact your sponsor advisor to have a new guarantee sent to

Requesting Letters & Excused Absences from UW

If you are a student requesting a letter for your sponsor, please request the letter from the appropriate office:

Enrollment Verification (Confirmation student is enrolled at UW):

Student Immigration Requirements: Contact ISS office at

Degree Plan/Progress Towards Completion: Email your Degree Analyst. The Degree Analyst is NOT your academic advisor. If you do not know who your degree analyst is, email In your email please specify the exact information your sponsor is requesting. Forward the email from your sponsor or the form your sponsor is requesting to be completed to your Degree Analyst and include your name and W number and the name and email of your sponsor advisor. The requested information will be sent directly to your sponsor advisor; you will be copied on the reply.

Change of Major: If you are an F-1 student changing your major, visit with the ISS office. Your previous Financial Guarantee will no longer be valid because your major is changed. You will be billed for the tuition and fees unless you request a new Financial Guarantee from your sponsor.

Excused Absence for Missing Class:

Campus Resources


Writing Center (Coe Library Level 1)

Oral Communication Center (Ross Hall 442)

STEP Tutoring

Center for Assistance with Mathematics & Statistics CASM (Ross Hall 29)



Campus Police 307-766-5179

Emergency/911 - For life threatening emergencies, dial 9-1-1 on your phones



Service, Leadership & Community Engagement SLCE (Wyoming Union Room 33)



Disability Support Services (Knight Hall 109)

University Counseling Center (Knight Hall 341)

Wellness Center (Half Acre 107)

Multicultural Resource Center (Wyoming Union 103)

Rainbow Resource Center (Wyoming Union 106)



Campus Activities Center

Outdoor Program (Half Acre 141)

Half Acre

UW Athletics

Wyoming Club Sports

Intramural Sports



Contact Information

Sponsor Student Advisor: Jill Johnson, International Students and Scholars,

Student Financial Services:, 307-766-6233

Student Health Insurance:

Office of the Registrar:, 307-766-5272


Contact Us

University of Wyoming International Students and Scholars

Department 3228

1000 E. University Avenue

Laramie, WY 82071

Phone: 307-766-5193


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