Students working with simulated patients in clinical skills lab

Clinical Simulation Center

The Clinical Simulation Center at the Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing on the University of Wyoming campus houses quite a variety of activity and resources:

  • Skills Lab Simulations: "Low-Fidelity"
    Low-fidelity manikens are found in the Center's Skills Lab beds, set up somewhat like a hospital room. Students can do things TO these manikens, but the manikens cannot do anything themselves.

  • Patient Rooms, ICU: "High-Fidelity"
    In another area, the high-fidelity manikens are housed in their own patient rooms. These simulated patients can talk, sweat, bleed, whatever the nursing faculty program them to do!

  • Exam Rooms
    In a third area, the Clinical Simulation Center boasts six exam rooms, fitted with authentic equipment. Students primarily in the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program meet with "standardized patients" in those rooms to do assessments on real people. Community volunteers are trained in certain scenarios to role play the patient. The interactions are videotaped and also viewed by professors through a one-way mirror. These simulations are incredibly helpful to the DNP students, receiving feedback from professors who viewed through the one-way mirror; from the standardized patients themselves through a critique after the session, and through student feedback from classmates who watched the video taken of the interaction. 

  • Other Simlations
    Other simulations that take place within the curriculum of the nursing programs at the University of Wyoming are not focused in one room, but in the hallways and outdoors, such as "Psych Sim" and Wilderness Simulation. 

Click into the photo gallery below. Captions will guide you on a personal tour through our state-of-the-art simulation center facilities and activities.

CSC Photo Gallery

CSC Photo Tour

Male student swaddles infant in obstetrics simulation
Two nursing students in black scrubs discussing textbook materials in exam room
Two men visit in exam room.
Three students work to get simulated patient breathing.
Woman holds simulated baby by simulated obstetrics model.
Girl with earbuds holds her temple while trying to answer questions.
Four students in black scrubs listen to faculty pointing out something on the feet of the maniken."
boy child holds stethoscope up to manikin's nose
children hold their ears while looking at SIM Man.
Woman points at instructional folder while "injured" man in helmet looks on.
Seemingly real baby bundled in simulation mother's arms
Student checks heartbeat of manikin with image blown up on screen for entire class to view.