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The Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies Welcomes You!

We believe all people, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation, deserve equal protection under the law, equal representation, equal opportunity, and equal access to public discourse.  We believe that while individuals should not be essentialized according to their race, gender or sexual orientation, there are pervasive and often hidden inequities based on these and other features of people that continue to oppress individuals, and that these injustices must be uncovered and eliminated to the extent humanly possible. We recognize that we have made great strides toward a more just and inclusive society in the last 250 years—and that we are morally obligated to build on this progress, for we still have a very long way to go.  

We believe that state funding for the University of Wyoming should respect the strongest principles of academic freedom, and we condemn government attempts to infuse political ideologies, whether liberal or conservative, into the university and its programs through legislation.  For a university to be a university, there must be a marketplace of ideas and an unfettered but respectful questioning of (un)popular views—even when doing so entails offense and discomfort to those having and seeking power.  We are dedicated to advancing civil discourse and dissent, democratic norms, and liberal education inside and outside of the academy.

We believe that the history of marginalized groups in the United States must be taught in relevant courses across the curriculum.  We believe in open-minded inquiry into the contested definitions of race, gender, and sexual orientation.  We believe students should be taught the vocabulary to understand the most current debates over issues of identity and oppression.  We believe that a university should foster the development of students’ capacity to think critically about the nature and meaning of identity and oppression.

We celebrate the democratic ideals of diversity and inclusion.  We hold that all students deserve the benefits of a richly humanistic education, meaning that they are empowered with broad knowledge, deep values, and civic engagement through challenging encounters with important perennial and contemporary issues.  And we welcome all students who aspire to make this a better world.

The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies


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