Undergraduate cost of attendance

Fall 2024 - Spring 2025


The below Cost of Attendance (COA) estimates are based upon full-time enrollment each semester (fall and spring). The grid has column and row links to the appropriate COA components found at the bottom of the page.


& Food
& Supplies
Wyoming Resident
On-Campus $5,190 $2,578 $13,710 $1,100 $3,500 $26,078
Off-Campus $5,190 $2,578 $10,300 $1,100 $3,500 $22,668
At Home $5,190 $2,578 $5,100 $1,100 $3,500 $17,468
On-Campus $21,600 $2,578 $13,710 $1,100 $3,900 $42,888
Off-Campus $21,600 $2,578 $10,300 $1,100 $3,900 $39,478
At Home $21,600 $2,578 $5,100 $1,100 $3,900 $34,278
Children of Alumni
On-Campus $7,786 $2,578 $13,710 $1,100 $3,900 $29,074
Off-Campus $7,786 $2,578 $10,300 $1,100 $3,900 $25,664
At Home $7,786 $2,578 $5,100 $1,100 $3,900 $20,464


COA Components


  • Wyoming Resident - a student who will/has graduate(d) from a high school in the state of Wyoming will be considered a Wyoming resident student.

  • Non-Resident & International - a student who is not a resident of the state of Wyoming will be considered a non-resident or international student.

  • Child of Alumni - a student who is an out-of-state resident, with either parent having graduated with a degree from the University of Wyoming, will qualify for the Children of Alumni tuition benefit.

Tuition and Fees

  • Based on a block tuition rate for undergraduate students enrolled in 12-18 credit hours per semester. If enrolled in more or less than the block rate, tuition will adjust accordingly.

  • Fees include mandatory, advising, and program. They are applied dependent on enrollment status and courses taken. Advising fees are $10 per credit hour and program fees vary between $3 and $26 per credit hour.

  • See our Tuition and Fees page for more information.

Living Expenses (Housing and Food)

  • A housing allowance for students who live on-campus is based on an average of all on-campus one bedroom apartment and dorm living arrangements. See On-Campus Housing page for more information.

  • A housing allowance for students who live off-campus is based on an average of student survey and publicly reported county housing data for one bedroom living arrangements, including utility expenses.

  • A housing allowance for students who live at home with parents is based on a percentage of the off-campus costs.

  • A food allowance that provides the equivalent of three meals each day is based on the unlimited meal plan for students who live on-campus. For students who live off-campus or at home, it is the average of student survey data and publicly reported county grocery data . See Dining page for more information.

Books, Course Materials, Supplies, and Equipment

  • An estimate based on national data and access to StartRight+, which is a digital first course material program that provides undergraduate students convenient, affordable, day-one access to all course materials for one flat rate.  See University Store page for more information about StartRight+.

Other Expenses

  • Transportation - an estimate based on an average of transportation expenses by our peer institutions.

  • Miscellaneous Personal Expenses - an estimate based on student survey data and may include laundry and dry cleaning, personal hygiene items, personal grooming, necessary clothing, shoes, and entertainment.

COA Adjustments

If an individual student’s expenses are not accurately reflected in the COA, the student may appeal for an adjustment for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Child care expenses incurred while the student and/or spouse are at school or work.

  • Cost of a personal laptop or computer for educational purposes.

  • Unusual medical/dental expenses, not covered by insurance and not itemized on tax returns.

  • Approved University of Wyoming study abroad programs.

  • Costs related to a disability.

  • Additional required program fees and expenses.

Net Price Calculator

Net price calculator iconIf you are considering applying to UW, the net price calculator can help you with an early estimate of your scholarship and financial aid eligibility in relation to your college expenses as an undergraduate. This will help you understand what your net price might be.

Note: The estimate provided using the net price calculator does not represent a final determination or actual offer of financial assistance. Actual expenses and eligibility for funding are based on your individual application and federal, state, or institutional requirements.

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