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Secondary Mathematics Education

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Mathematics helps us make sense of our world by studying quantity, space, and change in our environment. Middle and high school math teachers help students recognize patterns and formulate mathematical ideas using reasoning and logic. These abilities can lead a student towards a more successful future by improving their mathematical literacies, and problem-solving skills.

Our program ensures graduates leave with extensive knowledge on past and current trends in pedagogy and teaching methods while learning how to incorporate special education and literacy techniques into their classrooms. Throughout the program, you will learn how to teach using mathematics-specific technologies that incorporate robotics and programing as well as motivate children using the gamification of mathematics.

In addition to your coursework, real-world classroom experience will ensure that you are ready to lead your own classroom. As UW student in Laramie, you will also enjoy many on-campus resources while earning your bachelors in secondary education.

All graduates earn a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics Education with a concurrent major in Mathematics. This ensures you will be highly qualified candidate and will expand your marketability and earning potential. You will be eligible to apply for a Wyoming teaching license to teach grades 6-12 upon completion of the program.

The Secondary Education Mathematics Education B.A. at the University of Wyoming is nationally recognized by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and the Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preperation (AAQEP).

Already completeD an undergraduate degree?

You can take advantage of alternative licensure pathways to get on the fast-track to becoming a teacher in Wyoming. UW’s Teaching Secondary Content Certificate will allow you to apply for your teaching license in as little as three semesters.


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