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Peer Mentoring Program

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Meet the Cowboy Coaches

Our peer-mentoring program is made up of current students called Cowboy Coaches. They bring a deep understanding and perspective to our newer students who may need a little extra help, friendship or mentoring.  
Our mentors are matched with other students based on a variety of traits including areas of study, personality, social factors and more. We provide our coaches with a high level of training to ensure each mentor can take a solution-based and empathetic approach when working with their peers. Cowboy Coaches are supervised by our OSSG staff in the event a student is in crisis and requires additional resources from licensed professionals.

Find a Mentor     


Abigail Fry
Abigail Fry
Pharmacy, Minor in Biology | Graduate

"I really like helping pre-pharmacy students because there are a lot of opportunities and resources on campus available that I wish I took advantage of."


Avery Obrien
Avery O'Brien
Finance, Minor in Blockchain & Real Estate | Junior

"As a first generation student, low income student, I love being able to help students who are in my same situation."


Callie Odonnell

Callie O'Donnell
Economics | Junior

"Cowboy Coaching has helped me meet people in my major which has created lasting friendships and a peer to push me to join clubs."



Grant Dillivan
Grant Dillivan
Criminal Justice and Psychology, Minors in Honors and Sociology | Senior

"I have found my niche in helping students with research opportunities."


Guy Hamasaki
Guy Hamasaki
History | Senior

"My favorite thing about UW is going swing dancing with friends and going to football games!"



Lekili Grebinger
Lekili Grebinger
Entrepreneurship, Minor in Mandarin Chinese | Senior

"I know many many resources, events, and professors and am overall very well versed in most aspects of the business college."


Maggie Gazda
Maggie Gazda
Kinesiology, Health Promotion, Pre-Physician Assistant, Minors in Physiology and Psychology | Junior

"I love helping other students who are in health-related majors or planning on going into a professional health career."


Hannah Birge

Hannah Birge
Elementary Education & Special Education | Junior

 "Cowboy Coaching has helped me figure out college life and how to be successful. I am excited to get to know and help students find their community here at UW!"

Josh Buchholz

Josh Buchholz
Secondary Education in English  | Junior

 “The wonderful thing about UW is that the people here, professors, staff, and students WANT to be here and that makes the connections you make stronger.”


Liz Underbrink

Liz Underbrink
French & Spanish | Sophomore

"My favorite thing about UW is the sense of community on campus. No matter where I go, there is always a kind face that is more than happy to help."


Maryra Gold

Mary Ragold
Communication, Minor in Religious Studies | Junior

"I love the vast opportunities UW has for academics and student organizations. I enjoy discussing them in depth with students." 


Ally Teague

Ally Teague
Nursing | Sophomore

"My favorite thing about UW is our beautiful campus, seeing all the greenery and colors of the leaves changing through the seasons."  


Karli Woodruff

Karli Woodruff
Polictical Science & International Studies, Minors in Spanish & Honors | Freshman

"I love how accessible the study-abroad programs are to make studying abroad achievable for any interested students."  


Paul Baeza

Paul Baeza
Pre Pharmay | Junior

"The things I like about UW are the environment on campus, the relatively low cost of attendance, and the many resources and oppurtunities available to students on campus.


Nate Northrup

Nate Northrop
Computer Science | Freshman

"As one of the few Cowboy Coaches that is a Computer Science major, I am excited to be able to help out students with the same interests as me."


Makena Foster

Makena Foster
Physchology, Minor in Honors| Sophomore

"I love UW's beautiful campus and wonderful community."



Adrienne Merric
Adrienne Merrick
Kinesiology and Health | Senior

"I am a first generation student. Because of that I really enjoy helping other first gen students and first year students. "


Brooklin Wyatt
Brooklin Wyatt
Elementary Education, Minor in Honors | Junior

"I am a first generation student so I know where to go for support I might not get at home."


Alyssa Dale
Alyssa Dale
ENR, PHIL, SPAN, International Studies, Sustainability, Honors, Environmental Values | Senior

"I love helping place people in abroad programs and helping connect them to scholarships.!"




Emma Sorensen
Emma Sorensen
Musical Theatre, Minor in Music | Senior

"Cowboy Coaching has helped me realize how many resources are available on campus. There’s a place for everyone to do anything they can think and dream of."



Zakkary Loveall
Computer Science, Minor in Statistics  | Senior

"I’m a first generation student and my motivation stems from my struggle getting/finding help during the covid year."


Lizzy Crane
Lizzy Crane
Nursing | Junior

"SS&G has helped me become a leader! It has taught me how to get out of my comfort zone and not only help my students but help my fellow peers as well."



Marty Murray
Marty Murray
Public History, Minor in Museum Studies | Sophomore

"My specific niche would probably be off-campus students, and resources for queer students."



jordan anderson

Jordan Anderson
Agricultural Communications  | Junior

"I love and appreciate the wide array of opportunities that the University of Wyoming offers me as a student, especially the leadership and hands-on experiences within the College of Agriculture Life Sciences and Natural Resources!"

Kyle Woodruff

Kyle Woodruff
International Studies, Political Science | Senior

"My favorite things about UW are club soccer and the crazy study abroad options."


Macy Kasperik

Macy Kasperik
Psychology, ASL Certification | Junior

"My favorite thing about UW is going to fun events on campus like a football game or Union After Dark because I get to meet new people and have fun."


justina scurlock

Justina Scurlock
Environmental Natural Resources, Minor in Communications  | Sophomore

"My favorite thing about UW is how kind everyone is, each person is open to a conversation and finding a family here is really easy."


Christian Walker

Christian Walker
Anthropology | Junior

"My favorite thing about the University of Wyoming is that it feels like a true family while still be a D1 University at the same time!." 


Liz Dooley

Liz Dooley
Animal Vet Science, Minor Pre Vet Medicine & Production | Senior

"I was told by people in my chosen career that UW has a great Animal Science program, and since attending I have found that to be absolutely true.


Taryn Audrain

Taryn Audrain
Nursing | Junior

"I love UW for all of its inclusivity and family feel. Cowboy Coaches and SS&G play a huge role in role in that, and I love being a part of it."


Alana Graley

Alana Graley
Psychology & Sociology, Minors in Human Development and Family Sciences| Freshman

"My favorite thing about UW is the sense of community, you can find support everywhere."


quinn hennigar

Quinn Hennigar
Accounting | Senior

"I am super involved, so I can help students find the clubs and organizations on campus they didn’t know about."


Alli Grimm
Alli Grimm
Political Science, Spanish, International Studies; Minors in Pre-Law; Honors | Senior

"I am extremely involved with various student organizations across campus, including our student government."

Brooklyn Prince
Emzie Coop
Botany, Minor in Hort Culture & Honors  | Sophomore

"My favorite thing about UW is how many fun activities there are. You can always find something to do."


Emma Scarborough
Emma Scarborough
Elementary & Special Education, Minor in Disability Studies | Sophomore

"I really enjoy helping students in my major. I feel as though I have a lot of knowledge to pull from because my mom is a teacher so I have a lot of experience in the classroom."


hailey litzinger
Hailey Litzinger
Electrical Engineering, Minors in Honors and Mathematics | Sophomore

"I am best equipped to help students with questions about Engineering course load and professors."


Jessimine Jewitt
Jessimine Jewett
Pre-Social Work | Sophomore

"I could really help students succeed in college who have in the past maybe struggled academically or had trouble finding the resources to help them succeed."


sean walker

Sean Walker
Religious Studies and History, Minor in Honors | Sophomore

"I like helping students figure out what they want to study when they are unsure, undeclared, or struggling with what they are currently studying."



Mmegan Perez
Megan Perez
Zoology | Junior

"As someone who has transferred, I enjoy being asked questions to give another perspective and hopefully help transfer students transition to UW."



hollie brockwell

Hollie Brockwell
Animal Vet Science, concentration in Equine Science | Senior

"I love the sense of community on campus. It doesn't matter if you're an Animal Science major or a Business major, we are all a part of the Cowboy community, and it's awesome!"

Layne Johnson

Layne Johnson
Agricultural Communications | Sophomore

"I love UW for all the agricultural opportunities as well as the ag community located here!"


Maisyn Thomas

Maisyn Thomas
Elementary Education | Sophomore

"I transferred from a small community college and was missing community, UW filled that want for me and helped me feel like I had a place!"


megan yarborough

Megan Yarborough
Environmental Systems Science, Minor in Rangeland Ecology and Watershed Management  | Sophomore

"I love the community at UW, and the gym!"



Emily Veroski

Emily Verosky
Business Management | Freshman

"I am very involved within the UW community; I love helping others find their place here on campus and being able to watch them grow into the best version of themselves.


Mikayla Maes

Mikayla Maes
Elementary Education, Minor in Music | Sophomore

"I love all the great resources on campus and amazing professors and faculty that we have!



Taydee Landrum

Taydee Landrum
Accounting & HR, Minors in Honors & Psychology  | Senior

"My favorite thing about UW is the numerous opportunities students have here to be exceptional." 


Amelia Seim

Amelia Seim
Elementary Education, Minor in Honors | Sophomore

"I love that UW creates a tight-knit community if students, faculty, ect."



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