Wyoming Union in the fall



To make a reservation, please utilize the resources below. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Events Office at (307) 766-3161.


For Priority Scheduling for years 2024-2025, you can find the priority scheduling guiding document here.

Priority Scheduling is quickly approaching to reserve space in the Wyoming Union for the 2024-2025 Academic Year. UPDATE - this year we will be changing the Priority Scheduling timeline a little as we are combining Week 1 & 2 to hopefully streamline the process. The process starts on March 11th and continues through April 5th. Attached you will find the Priority Scheduling timeline and a brief explanation of how the process works. Please note, your request is not finalized until you receive confirmation after Week 4 of Priority Scheduling. After receiving your confirmation, please review it to ensure everything is correct. When submitting your request, it is recommended you also provide alternative dates and locations if your first request cannot be accommodated. Even if you are not sure of the details for your event, I encourage you to put in a request to reserve the space. 


Please note, all events and add-ons will be charged in accordance with the FY25 Business Fee Book. UW departments will be assessed a $25.00/hour set-up and tear-down fee for events held in the Ballrooms, Family Room, or any space that requires a set up that is not the standard. (Most events can be set up and torn down within one hour.) As the Union Events Office is student fee funded, student organizations will not be charged for space use unless they are charging admissions fees to their event(s). External organization events will be charged 50% deposits at the time your reservation is made and confirmed. Please ensure you review the entirety of the attached document before submitting your Priority Scheduling requests to ensure scheduling goes as smoothly as possible.


When you are ready to submit your request, please follow this link to the reservation request form.  



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