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SUMMER 2024 UW Undergraduate Research Program

Applications due FRIDAY April 5, 2024 by 5:00 pm MDT

The Idea Network for Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) program is funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH). Each Fall-Spring and Summer, the Wyoming INBRE program funds about 10 UW undergraduates applying to engage in biomedical research. Research hours must be completed during the award period. The following INBRE undergraduate assistantship is open to any University of Wyoming (Laramie campus) SOPHOMORE, JUNIOR or SENIOR student interested in biomedical research.

Applicants must submit research proposals that deal exclusively with biomedically related questions and experimental research that seek to improve human health

  • Combined FALL 2023-SPRING 2024 research award: $2,400 (80 hours each semester at $15/hour) Applications/letters due FRIDAY September 29, 2023 MDT.
  • We no longer offer a Spring-only research award
  • SUMMER 2024 research award: $6000 (400 hours at $15/hour)  APPLICATIONS and FACULTY LETTERS due Friday April 5, 2024 by 5 pm MDT. Summer research period is a full-time commitment of 10 weeks May 20th-July 26th, culminating in the UW INBRE Summer Research Symposium on Thursday July 25, 2024.


I understand that if I receive a WY INBRE UW research award:

  • I will attend the INBRE informational meeting (TBD in May 2024)
  • I will attend all INBRE cohort and progress meetings for interns, including those for professional development and NIH Becoming a Resilient Scientist (if not yet certified)
  • With my UW research mentor I will work out a schedule for carrying out assigned tasks, learn techniques, contribute to lab activities and once adequately prepared, engage in independent mentored research. Fall -Spring: I will spend an average of 8-10 hours per week engaged in the research activities. Summer: 30-40 hours per week in research.
  • I will complete all required training for my research, e.g., safety and CITI
  • I will complete my proposed research during the funded period
  • At the end of my award period, I will submit a written research paper of my project in a format suitable for publication in a research journal.
  • I will give an oral presentation of my research findings at the Undergraduate Research & Inquiry Day in April 2024 (Fall-Spring interns)
  • I will present a poster of my research at the Annual WY INBRE Conference in April 2024 and I have the option of presenting this poster at Undergraduate Research & Inquiry Day. Summer 2024 interns will present in April 2025.
  • I will participate in 3 hours of community service in INBRE-sponsored events for STEM outreach and healthy sports as my schedule allows.
  • I commit to responding to all INBRE surveys during and following completion of my INBRE research.
  • I will complete any required database information for UW and NIH.
  • I will attend all INBRE sponsored activities as my schedule allows.
  • I understand that failure to meet the terms of agreement may result in loss of the award.

SUBMIT application and faculty letters for UW students ONLINE:

  1. FIRST, open and READ the INBRE undergraduate assistantship APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONSThis guides you on what to include in your CV/resume, abstract/project summary, and research proposal.  Applications and faculty letters are due FRIDAY April 5, 2024 no later than 5 p.m. MDT. We cannot consider late or incomplete applications
  2. Complete the assistantship application ONLINE here: SUMMER 2024 UW INBRE UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH PROGRAM APPLICATION.  Upload required pdf documents on the form: Résumé or CV, Academic Transcripts, Abstract/Project Summary and Research Proposal. Please label all uploaded files with your name!
  3. Request your letters from faculty early(!).  Faculty should directly submit letters ONLINE here: UW SUMMER 2024 Internship FACULTY LETTERS
Letter of Commitment from your research mentor- This letter should detail the mentor's willingness to supervise the research, describe the expected learning experiences, and describe any funds/facilities available to support the student’s research.
Two letters of Recommendation from UW and/or Wyoming Community College faculty.