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Over the years, our very own students have created some wonderful articles, tips and information about what it's like to be a student at the University of Wyoming. Follow along with our student's stories and if you're interested in becoming a student yourself, visit our admissions page to get started!


UW Students with Study Abroad Banners Summer Study Abroad

Hundreds of UW students study abroad each year, traveling to every corner of the world. UW is home to one of the largest education-abroad endowments of any public land-grand university, making education abroad affordable. And Summer Session can be the perfect time for students to fit an international experience into their degree plan.

Two people shake hands at a UW commencement ceremony. How Does a Bachelors Degree Differ From a Masters Degree?

A master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree look different in many ways. Here are a couple of things you may want to know as you navigate becoming a graduate student.

Student skateboarding on campus What if I dont know what I want to be when I grow up?

The University of Wyoming has several resources available to you to help you find an answer to this age-old question and will set you on the right path to success – even if you still want to be a rockstar, astronaut, or doctor!

A photo of War Memorial Stadium on UW's campus How Does College Differ from High School?

When I first got to college, I walked around the halls of a building I was unfamiliar with. I wanted to explore the building, see where my classes were and just start to get myself familiar with a place I had never been.

UW students using drilling simulator technology The Best Places to Visit on UW Campus You Won't See on a Tour

There are so many small areas and places not many know about that a lot of people love. There is only so much time for the campus tour and many places must be left out, so here are some neat places to see on campus OUTSIDE the tour!

Two students stand together in their UW dorm room The Dos and Donts of Dorm Packing

So...you just got accepted into UW and are planning on living on campus in the Residence Halls; congratulations! Moving out of your childhood home and city can be extremely difficult and daunting. What do I bring? How much do I bring?

Prexy's pasture covered in snow Be Prepared for Wyoming Winter

Unbendable optimism. Unshakeable determination. Adventurous spirit. Because you’re a Cowboy, you’ve got all that – and you’ll lean upon it to embrace the wonderful and wild Wyoming winter season that’s fast approaching.

Flowers with the sun and a building behind it The Courage to Overcome: Trent Slades Story

Courage takes on many forms. Despite battling brain cancer for several years, UW freshman Trent Slade didn’t let this disease take control of his future as a student, son, brother and musician.

A student climbing ice Climbing Frozen Water: Bailey Laskos ADVENTUROUS Definition

It only takes one glace at kinesiology major Bailey Laskso’s Snapchat story to see that he possesses an adventurous side and lives for the outdoors. Consuming his free time with climbing, running or hiking, Lasko says being outside at least twice a week helps him “recharge his batteries.”

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