Academic Advising

Academic Advising


Course Registration/PERC Advising Procedure

Meet with an Advising Assistant

(email to set up an appointment with an advising assistant)

Advising Assistants are trained College of Business students who can help with quick questions and help you to prepare for your advising appointment. Some of the things they can help with:

  • Preparation for Course Registration/PERC Advising appointment with your advisor
  • Understanding your Degree Evaluation (and see what is missing!)
  • Work on Plan Ahead
  • Understanding Check Sheets
  • How to drop, add or withdraw from an individual course
  • Override form (link/completion)
  • Understanding/checking pre-requisites
  • General questions about the advising process

Meet with your Advisor

Before their registration date, students will receive an email from the College of Business Advisor with a Navigate link to set up an appointment to discuss fall courses, and then receive their registration date, time, and PERC number. This link is unique to each registration group and should not be shared with others. Individual students' registration dates vary within these groups based on student class standing, earned credits, and other factors. If you schedule an appointment ahead of your registration group, your appointment will be canceled. Please note the "no show" policy below.

Registration start dates are based on student status:

  • Priority
  • Seniors
  • Freshmen
  • Juniors
  • Sophomores

An email from your COB advisor will be sent approximately one week before your registration date begins.

*NOTE: If ACES has been advising you, please disregard this information and contact your ACES advisor for your advising date and time.

Meetings will be set up both in person and on zoom. If you are coming in person, please come 10-15 minutes early.

No Show Policy

When students schedule an appointment, they are expected to honor this time commitment. If a student can no longer meet at the scheduled appointment time, they must notify their advisor in advance; this opens up a time spot for another student. If students fail to show up to their appointment after 5 minutes (physically or virtually), they will be breaking this commitment and will be considered a "no show." This "no-show" will be documented in their permanent file, and they will have to reschedule for a later "make-up" date at the end of their registration group. This may delay registration and prevent students from getting into their preferred courses.

Standard Advising Procedure**

(Outside of scheduled Course Registration/PERC Advising appointments)

If you are a current student and would like to set up an appointment with your advisor there are 3 main ways to get help.

1. Quick Question? Meet with a Student Advising Assistant

  • Available by calling 307-766- 2063, sending an email to, or in person in the Peter M. & Paula Green Johnson Student Success Center.

2. To schedule an advising appointment with your Advisor please contact your advisor by email


**What type of appointments fall under the Standard Advising Procedure? What can my advisor help with?

  • Long-term Planning
  • Understanding the following concepts:
    • Major requirements and electives
    • Common Body of Knowledge courses
    • What to do with free electives?
    • University Studies Requirements
    • University and College Grade Point Average (GPA) requirements
    • The Plan Ahead Feature
  • Program Change Forms (add/change major/minor)
  • Graduation Check
  • Forms & Petitions
  • Study Abroad Opportunities/Planning
  • Academic support/academic success/Study skills
  • How to get involved on campus 

Academic Advising Academic Advising

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