Assessment Plans

Plans for gathering evidence of student learning might include institution-wide or program-specific approaches that convey how student learning will be assessed, the data collection tools and approaches that will be used, and the timeline for implementation. National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (2021). NILOA Assessment Plans


UW Assessment Plan for Student Learning

The UW Office of Assessment, Ellbogen Center for Teaching & Learning (ECTL), Assessment Plan Working Group, Assessment Coordinators, and the HLC Assessment Academy Team are pleased to share the UW Institutional Assessment for Student Learning Plan with our campus community. 

The plan was drafted by the Assessment Plan Working Group over the last ten months (November 2021-September 2022). Member of this group include VP Undergraduate Education Dr. Steve Barrett, Ms. Sue Koller (Manager - Office of Institutional Analysis), Mr. Jamie Manzanares (Lead - Academic Advising Professional, College of Business), Dr. Crystal Sieger (Associate Professor - College of Arts & Sciences), Dr. Rick Fisher (Senior Lecturer - College of Arts & Sciences), Dr. Rachel Watson (Senior Lecturer - College of Arts & Sciences) and myself. We were also joined by two graduate students in the Spring Semester 2022 - (now Dr.) Michelle Mason and Mr. Andrew Meyer. 

Working Together (Transparency & Support): 

We look forward to engaging in a meaningful dialogue with the UW campus community around the work of institutional assessment for student learning. The Plan and how we work together to inquire into student learning through assessment to inform and guide practice, pedagogy and curricula will continue to be an iterative process.

We strive to champion transparency and support thought the work of the Assessment Office. 

Thank you - Heather E. Webb Springer

Associate Director of Assessment, ECTL 

Reading the Plan (Transparency): 

  • Pages 1-17 include the "Plan" content; the remainder are Appendices (all content referenced in the document is provided as either a footnote or in the appendices)
  • The document is hyperlinked (website links also included)



The purpose of this plan is to articulate UW’s strategic, structured, and continuous assessment processes for its stakeholders, which include prospective and current students and their parents; alumni; faculty, staff, and administrators; board of trustees; regulatory bodies; and employers. This plan outlines how UW is using assessment results to improve student learning and addresses how it is meeting the following three HLC assessment requirements listed under Core Component 4.B.: 

  1. “The institution has effective processes for assessment of student learning and for achievement of learning goals in academic and cocurricular offerings. 

  2. The institution uses the information gained from assessment to improve student learning

  3. The institution’s processes and methodologies to assess student learning reflect good practice, including the substantial participation of faculty, instructional and other relevant staff members.” (The Higher Learning Commission- North Central Association, 2019) 

The previous UW assessment plan and the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment’s (NILOA) Transparency Framework are the guiding documents in the creation of this updated assessment plan. 

Transparency and Support

  • Two priorities for the Assessment Team are to provide an assessment process that is both transparent and supportive.  

  • Transparency will be captured through implementing standardized processes and publishing reports and findings both to departments and programs, as well as on the UW Assessment website.  

  • Support will be accomplished by responding to needs indicated in assessment survey data through workshops and opportunities for intentional conversations about assessment.

  • Assessment Resources

  • Assessment Activities

  • Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL)

Support & Culture Report

The UW Assessment for Student Learning Assessment Support & Culture Report presents responses to Questions 6-10 of the UW Assessment Survey from Spring/Summer 2021. These questions relate more specifically to the culture of assessment, labor of assessment and support for educational development across the University of Wyoming. 

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