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Welcome to the University of Wyoming College of Education. Discover a hub of academic excellence where practical education meets real-world impact. Explore our programs, meet our dedicated faculty, and find the right path to your educational and professional goals. Your journey towards a meaningful and impactful career in education begins here.



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Current Students

At the College of Education, we are fully committed to your academic success. Explore a variety of student-focused resources, including the Student Success Center and student organizations, ensuring your success throughout your time with us.


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Admissions & Financial Aid

Explore diverse scholarship opportunities and financial aid options to support your academic journey at the University of Wyoming College of Education.





Scholarships are essential in reducing the financial burden of earning a teaching degree. By securing scholarships, aspiring Wyoming teachers can focus on their studies without being weighed down by financial concerns, making the journey towards becoming an educator more accessible and affordable.



Admissions Requirements


Undergraduate admission follows a "rolling basis," allowing applications at any time leading up to the next available semester start date. The University of Wyoming's graduate programs, on the other hand, have varying admission requirements depending on the specific program. 



Cost of Attendance


UW consistently stands out as one of the best values in the nation when it comes to the cost of attendance. 55% of our students graduate without incurring debt. This commitment to providing value positions us as an exceptional option for pursuing a top-tier education degree without the additional burden of excessive costs.





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    Dean's Office

    Dean Jenna Shim

    The Dean's Office serves as a central hub of resources and support, offering invaluable assistance and guidance to students, faculty, and staff within the academic community.


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    Faculty & Staff

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    The dedicated faculty and staff at the College of Education are passionate about academic excellence, providing mentorship, and creating a supportive learning environment for students.


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    Emeritus Faculty

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    Our esteemed emeritus faculty members, with their wealth of experience and expertise, continue to enrich the academic community through mentorship and valuable contributions.


Facilities & Resources


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Supporting Educational Excellence

Discover a plethora of invaluable resources awaiting exploration within the College of Education. Immerse yourself in the enriching environment of the UW Lab School, providing a comprehensive K-8 education to students in Albany County. Uncover essential faculty and staff resources, including comprehensive insights into bylaws and tenure information, designed to empower our academic community. Delve into the intricacies of our college's accreditation, a testament to our commitment to delivering quality education at every level, ensuring a robust and well-rounded educational experience.











Alumni & Outreach

Welcome to the vibrant network of the University of Wyoming's College of Education alumni and outreach resources. As a proud graduate, you are invited to tap into a wealth of connections, support, and opportunities within our esteemed community. Explore avenues for continued professional development, engage with fellow alumni, and participate in outreach initiatives that extend the impact of your educational journey. Our dedicated alumni network and outreach resources are designed to foster collaboration, growth, and a lasting connection to the College of Education's rich legacy. Join us in shaping the future of education and making a positive difference in the lives of others.



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College of Education

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