Math 0925/1400 Registration


Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Why can't I register for Math 925/1400 on WyoWeb?

If you are trying to register for Math 925/1400 course via WyoWeb, but you are receiving an error message, this means that you need to submit a request to register for Math 925/1400.

In order to add these math courses to your schedule, or to change sections, you will need to complete a registration form. Please decide what course sections you would like before you start the form. 

Fill out the Math 925/1400 Request Form or at the top of the page to request you be registered for Math 925/1400.  The form will be available until registration closes.


Why do we require a manual registration form for Math 925/1400?

Math 925 and Math 1400 are both courses that students can take stand alone in a semester.  The joint Math 925/1400 course has specifically designated sections that need to be paired correctly for you to get credit for the course. WyoWeb is limited in its ability to recognize sections that are designated for the joint class from individual courses. To ensure students get registered for applicable Math 925/1400 joint class sections we complete the registration manually at your request. 


Can I just take Math 925 and Math 1400 concurrently?

The joint Math 925/1400 course is designed to present the material from Math 925 and Math 1400 with an assumption that students have not mastered the content in Math 925.  The Math 1400 stand alone course assumes students have already mastered the Math 925 content and requires students use that knowledge from day 1 of class.  Taking Math 925 and Math 1400 concurrently (taking the stand alone Math 925 and stand alone Math 1400 in the same semester) is not permitted.


Making changes after you submitted the form.

If you would like to drop the joint Math 925/1400 course after you have been registered, you may do so yourself on WyoWeb.  Please be sure you drop both sections.  If you would like to re-register for the course after a drop, please fill out the form again.

If you would like to change sections, please fill out the form again with updated information. When requesting a change of section, do not drop yourself from the course, we will add you to one and drop you from the other in one transaction, this way you do not lose your current seat in the event your desired section is full.


What should I know about the Math 925/1400 Request Form?

  • It is an automated form - Click the link, complete the form and click "Done".
  • More is not better- Do not submit more than 1 request for the same registration request.
  • First come first serve-each form is processed in the order it was received, and is time stamped. Please be patient - since the forms are time stamped no one else can "jump ahead in line."
  • You will be notified by UW email when your request has been processed.
  • We are aware that YOU really need this class; and that its important. We are working as quickly as we can to process your request.

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