SoC students

People at the School of Computing

People at the School of Computing


SoC Administration

Administration Team

The administration team at the School of Computing manages academic programs, faculty and staff coordination, student affairs, marketing and communications, and engagement efforts to ensure the school's smooth functioning and success.

Advisory Board

Advisory Board

The advisory board provides strategic guidance and counsel to the School of Computing, leveraging expertise from both internal and external stakeholders. Their role involves supporting decision-making, enhancing academic programs, fostering partnerships, and contributing to the school's overall growth and advancement.

Graduate Scholars

Graduate Students

The graduate students, scholars, and affiliates at the School of Computing drive the institution's leadership in computing research, education, and engagement while cultivating Wyoming's computing workforce by demonstrating exceptional potential early in their careers.

SoC Faculty


The faculty at the School of Computing are highly interdisciplinary, collaborating across diverse fields to drive innovative research, enriching educational experiences, and leveraging their varied expertise to tackle complex challenges. Faculty include research scientists, core faculty, and adjunct faculty.

UW Derecho Professors

UW Derecho Professors

UW Derecho Professors hold named professorships in various academic fields, granting them access to up to 5 million core hours on the powerful Derecho supercomputer at the NCAR Wyoming Supercomputing Center. Leveraging the UW-NCAR partnership, this initiative attracts and retains exceptional UW faculty, strengthening their computing research programs through a flexible and guaranteed allocation on this cutting-edge resource.

Two people examining and discussing the internal mechanics of a small wind turbine model.

Employment Opportunities

Welcome to our Employment Opportunities website, your gateway to computing possibilities on campus! At the University of Wyoming, we understand the importance of finding the right job that aligns with your skills, passions, and aspirations. Our platform is designed to connect talented individuals with exciting employment opportunities at all academic levels.