Undergraduate Studies

Sociology Program

Bachelor of Arts Degree

In addition to University and College requirements, the following are minimum requirements for the undergraduate major in sociology leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree.

34 credit hours are required to earn a major in Sociology. These courses are listed below. This includes 13 hours of Foundation Courses, 12 hours of Core Courses, and 9 hours of Sociology elective courses. Grades of "C" or better must be earned in all 34 hours of coursework in order to be counted toward the major.

Course Requirements

Foundation Courses:

Subject Number Name Credits
SOC 1000 Sociological Principles 3
SOC/STAT 2070 Intro to Statistics/Social Sciences 4
STAT 2050 Fundamentals of Statistics 4
SOC 4715 Sociological Theory 3
SOC 3180 Sociological Research Methods 3

Core Courses:

Complete four courses (12 total required hours) from the following list:

Subject Number Name Credits
SOC 2350 Race and Ethnic Relations [D] 3
SOC 3110 Self and Society 3
SOC 3140 Sociology of The Family 3
SOC 3200 Sociology of Religion 3
SOC 3400 Deviant Behavior 3
SOC 3500 Sociology of Gender [D] 3
SOC 3550 Medical Sociology 3
SOC 3605 Sociology of Education 3
SOC 3880 Political Sociology 3
SOC 3640 Social Inequality [D] 3
SOC 3910 Global Sociology [G] 3
SOC 4370 Global Political Economy 3

Total hours in Sociology courses: 34

Elective courses: Complete 9 additional hours of Sociology courses, from the courses above and/or from additional sociology courses listed in the General Bulletin.  Electives may be used either to develop additional expertise in an area of interest or to broaden the student's sociological training. To learn about our internship course (SOC 4750), click here.

Sociology minor: Students may elect to complete a minor in Sociology, which provides a strong complement to many other disciplines. The undergraduate minor in Sociology requires 18 hours of course work--12 credit hours must be exclusive to the minor and not counted toward the major, including SOC 1000 and at least nine hours of Sociology electives numbered 3000 and above. Students must earn a C or better in all courses counting for the minor.

Graduating with Honors: Sociology majors with a 3.2 overall GPA, a 3.5 GPA in Sociology courses,  and one 5000-level Sociology course can graduate with honors in Sociology. They will be recognized with a certificate of achievement at the department’s annual graduation and honors banquet in April and will receive a $300 Wilbourne Excellence Scholarship Award.

What can you do with a Sociology degree? For career guidance, visit the site of the American Sociological Association. Go to the "Employment" tab and click on "Career Resources" or "Facts on Sociology Careers."  Also, click on this document which provides a number of excellent examples of how a Sociology degree is a great career choice. To see other ideas for how to use your Sociology degree, check out this blog on career options for Sociology majors. You can also visit with Dan Fetsco (dfetsco@uwyo.edu), our pre-law advisor, or talk careers with your academic advisor. To visit UW Admissions click here

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