Engineering Licensure

The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences have degree programs that offer a pathway to licensure. All of our engineering and computer science undergraduate degrees are ABET accredited. Students that seek licensure will often need to take an examination and may need to meet experience requirements prior to applying for licensure with the governing boards. We cannot guarantee that a student will receive licensure in any U.S. State, District, or Territory. Every applicant is reviewed on a case by case basis for selection. Below are selections for programs that have the possibility for licensure. We have determined if our programs meet education requirements to apply for licensure in the different U.S. State, Districts, and Territories. Our Construction Management degree program has received accreditation in 2022 and has on optional certification path. Please select from the list below to review licensure requirements. If you have questions about the Engineering degree programs you can contact the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at or 307-766-4253.



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