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Accident Reporting Procedures for UW Carpool

Also see vehicle breakdown procedures to follow during travel and insurance information

Anyone using, operating, or otherwise responsible for a University Vehicle who is involved in an accident resulting in damage to the vehicle and/or involved in an accident resulting in personal injury or private property damage shall follow these steps:

  1. Stop immediately.

  2. Take steps to prevent another accident at the scene.

  3. Dial 911 to call police/ambulance and other emergency vehicles.

  4. Do not move injured parties.  Encourage all injured parties to seek medical attention.

  5. Notify Campus Police (UWPD) @ 307-766-5179 if on campus or call local police if the accident occurs outside of campus or outside of the Laramie area.

  6. If the vehicle is unsafe to operate, call Fleet Services @ 307-766-3229 during normal working hours to facilitate towing and vehicle replacement. After hours, call the UWPD (307-766-5179), for connection with the proper individual.  This provision does not apply to Cowboy Joe Club, University Foundation or Department Courtesy Vehicles.

  7. Prompt reporting of claims is essential.  All accidents should be reported immediately to the police.  All accidents should be reported as soon as practicable, and in no instance later than 10 days after the accident, to the Risk Management Department.

  8. Do not make statements to anyone except police or the Risk Management Department.  Do not sign any papers concerning responsibility.

  9. The Driver is responsible for obtaining contact and insurance information of the driver of any other vehicle involved in the accident.  The Driver should record as much information as is available including name, license number, plate number, make, model, and year of the car, how the accident happened and information about any witnesses.

  10. Notify your department head immediately.

  11. The Driver is responsible for completing and returning any forms required by law in the jurisdiction where the accident occurred (such as the State Accident Report Form to the State Department of Motor Vehicles) as well as the UW Risk Management Department Accident Report Form to Fleet Services.  Both forms may be obtained at Fleet Services and the Driver has 10 days from date of accident to complete and submit these forms.  Cowboy Joe Club, University Foundation and Departments with Courtesy Vehicles should submit their UW Risk Management Department form directly to the Risk Management Department.

  12. Refer all questions from lawyers, the other party to the accident and others to the Risk Management Department or Office of General Counsel.


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