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Kick-start an exciting career in Agricultural Communications

Do you love the world of agriculture? Are you passionate about communicating? A bachelor of science in agricultural communications gives you the opportunity to do both! Jump into a career where you’ll spend your time immersed in all things ag, from a marketing, sales, media or public relations role to name a few opportunities.

As an agricultural communications student, you’ll also get the chance to dive deep into courses such as agricultural economics, animal science, renewable resources and soil science.

About the Agricultural Communications Degree

Farmers and ranchers are the “boots on the ground” of the agricultural industry. They’re the producers that provide the world with vital resources year after year, season after season. Agricultural communication graduates enter the ag world as industry ambassadors. They’re responsible for communicating the impact of the work researchers, educators, farmers, ranchers and industries do, marketing various aspects of agriculture and ensuring the industry keeps pace with the constantly evolving environment we live in today. Together, ag communicators and experts evolve the science and business of the industry, pushing its growth in an inspiring direction that ensures the world is fed, clothed and informed.

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The B.S. in agricultural communications program serves two principal types of students: 

  1. Students seeking a journalism/communication degree related to agriculture
  2. Students seeking a broad overview of agriculture that are not enrolled in any of the other B.S. programs at UW

The program maintains three goals that serve both types of students:

  • Goal 1 - To develop proficiency in written and oral communication for professional and non-professional audiences.
  • Goal 2 - To gain appreciation and understanding of agriculture and related disciplines.
  • Goal 3 - To acquire lifelong learning skills for engaged citizenship.

Students will be required to complete the core curriculum which includes 24 credit hours (12 prescribed, 12 elective) in communication and journalism and 42 elective credit hours in agriculture courses.

View the full bachelor of science agricultural communications degree program curriculum

All agricultural communications students are eligible to apply for our Brand of Excellence Scholarships which include dozens of exciting categories supported by generous sponsors. For more information, visit the Brand of Excellence scholarship page. UW also offers a variety of scholarships, commitments and opportunities to all students.

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What Can You Do With a B.S. in Agricultural Communications?

Ag comms graduates are skilled communicators capable of simplifying key concepts related to the agriculture industry. Their passion for all things agriculture comes through in their ability to convey the importance of initiatives and current events within the ag world. Graduates will empower the providers who feed the world through their ability to advocate and educate.

Agricultural Communications Careers

  • Advertising 
  • Agricultural Consultant 
  • Agricultural Marketer
  • Graphic Design 
  • Infomation Specialist 
  • Insurance Sales 
  • Photographer 
  • Production Coordinator 
  • Project Coordinator 
  • Public Relations 
  • Real Estate 



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Notable UW Alumni Employers

  • Nebraska News 
  • Montana Outlaw BBQ 
  • Oklahoma State University 
  • RFD-TV
  • NILE 
  • University of Idaho Law School
  • Riverton Livestock Auction 
  • Wyoming Legislative Service Office 
  • Wyoming Stock Growers Association 
  • Farm Bureau Financial Services 
  • Arabian Horse Assicatuion 
  • Nebraska Farm Bureau 
  • Wyoming Livestock Roundup 
  • Krotter Law 
  • Goshen County Weed and Pest 
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Agricultural Communications Degree Program Highlights

Agricultural communications is a small but mighty program at the University of Wyoming. Smaller class sizes mean more individualized attention. Plus, ag comm students get the benefit of accessing the resources available to all College of Agriculture students. Some of these benefits include:

Internship & Learning Opportunities

Students are given a chance to enroll in an internship that interests them. Qualifying internships range from communication-focused, agriculture-focused or a mixture of both. Our students are also able to complete communication-focused internships through the COJO Department. There are also many study-abroad options available. For example, the Agricultural Economics Department goes to Australia and France in the summer and invites any interested students. Ag comm students get access to the best of both worlds, experiencing Agriculture content if they choose, in addition to communications expertise.

Networking & Club Opportunities

Our students started the Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow club, which is part of a related national organization. Current group leadership is recruiting students passionate about ag communications to move the group forward. Become an ag comms student for the opportunity to be part of growing a vital student resource.

The Agricultural Communications program at the University of Wyoming has prepared me to enter the work-force post-grad with all the knowledge and skills I could need. It not only challenges students in the areas of improving their communication, journalism and other related skills, but gives them an opportunity to take those skills and apply them to the industry of agriculture. Alongside the several classes students can take to improved their communication and journalism skills, students also receive a working knowledge of agriculture that truly rounds out ones skillset in many different regards. I am very grateful to have been a part of the Agricultural Communications degree program during my four-years at UW and feel more than ready to take on the real-world after graduation!

- Sophia Fahleson
Class of 2023

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