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Earn A Ph.D. at UW

At the University of Wyoming, Ph.D. students and faculty in curriculum and instruction are asking bold questions that will change how and what students will be learning all over the world. In this field you will work to improve student achievement by researching and developing curriculum changes that are based on how students learn and how educators teach.

From acquiring expertise to furthering the global knowledge base in concentration areas such as literacy, curriculum, science and mathematics education, you will become part of a supportive academic community, collaborating with world-class faculty while also blazing new trails as you study and create the groundwork for your scholarly career.

About Curriculum and Instruction

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The UW Ph.D. program in curriculum and instruction is designed for educators with a minimum of three years teaching experience who are looking to move into tenure-track academic positions and other roles that demand high-level teaching and research skills.

Offered online with a residency component, the UW curriculum and instruction program allows you to choose from among four concentrations while also making it possible—whether you live here or abroad—to satisfy many of your requirements at a distance. In addition there are face-to-face residency experiences in the program that will facilitate strong post-secondary teaching skills and mentoring for your research.

Alumni from UW’s Ph.D. program in curriculum and development go on to distinguished careers as teachers and scholars who are making a profound difference through their work moving the field forward.

A Ph.D. in in curriculum and instruction allows you to match your degree to your individual interests. We offer 4 concentrations from which to choose:

Concentrations & Options

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What Can You Do With a Curriculum and Instruction PhD Degree?

The UW Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction prepares you for a career in academia so you in turn can help prepare the next generation of educators and advance the discourse in our field.

Curriculum and Instruction PhD Degree Careers

Recent Ph.D. graduates in curriculum and instruction from the University of Wyoming have worked at the following institutions:

  • Colorado State University
  • Eastern Washington University
  • Kasseshart University, Thailand
  • New Mexico State University
  • Northern Arizona University
  • University of Alabama
  • University of Northwestern Ohio
  • University of Dubai
  • University of West Georgia
  • University of Maine, Orono
  • Wilkes University
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UW Ph.D. students have also been published in the following journals:

  • Journal of Mathematics Education
  • The Mathematics Enthusiast
  • Journal of Research in Special Education Needs
  • Journal for the Education of the Gifted
  • Journal of Literacy Research


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Curriculum and Instruction Doctor of Philosophy Degree Program Highlights

The UW Ph.D. program in curriculum and instruction offers a personalized doctoral-level experience, providing coursework, teaching opportunities, conference participation along with collaborative and individual research, that aligns with your professional interests.

As Tia Frahm, Ph.D. ’18, assistant professor at Northern Arizona University, put it:

"We truly have an amazing community. I had the opportunity to work alongside many wonderful doctoral students during my time at Wyoming. This led to collaborations on research publications with fellow doctoral students along with national and international conference presentations."

These are some characteristics that distinguish UW’s curriculum and instruction Ph.D. program:


Specialize in one of four areas: literacy education, curriculum studies, science education or mathematics education. You will receive tailored opportunities for teaching online or in person, coursework that has the potential to lead to presentations at national or international conferences and publication and support from noted faculty.

Online/Residency Hybrid

Avail yourself of the convenience of online courses and experiences that can be had at a distance. The Ph.D. program requires at least a semester’s residency in Laramie, Wyoming, which gives you the chance to work closely with your committee, teach and build relationships.


Study with superlative faculty who are also experienced P-12 educators. UW also has endowed chairs in mathematics education, science education and literacy education.



UW Literacy Research Center and Clinic

Participate in the work of UW’s Literacy Research Center and Clinic. The center provides professional development for current teachers, practical experiences for pre-service teachers as well as a hub for scholarship by graduate students, faculty and visiting scholars.



Travel Grants

Take advantage of curriculum and instruction travel grants for graduate students. You may qualify for up to a $250 grant to cover some of the travel costs associated with attending or presenting at professional conferences. Additional funding may also be available from the dean’s office.

High-Tech Teaching

Take advantage of the potential to work in UW’s Shell 3-D Visualization Center, where College of Education faculty have been designing immersive educational experiences.

Individualized Learning

You will receive individual attention from faculty whether you are taking classes online or in-person.

UW Conferences

Participate in UW’s annual state conferences focusing on literacy, education law, education policy, English as a Second Language and dual language immersion to gain exposure to the latest research and best practices in these areas. You can even present your own research.


Incorporate a graduate minor in qualitative or quantitative methodologies into your Ph.D. program.


The UW College of Education is nationally accredited by NCATE.


Pursue a graduate assistantship. The College of Education offers assistantships to full-time students studying on campus in Laramie, Wyoming. Assistantships provide stipends along with faculty research opportunities and college-level teaching experiences.


Help fund your doctorate with a College of Education graduate scholarship. Here are some possible options:

Elnora Brooks Memorial Scholarship
Margaret “Peggy” Cooney Scholarship
John K. Corbett Memorial Scholarship
Leona S. and Jeanette Heptner Scholarship
Dr. Joseph I. Stepans Excellence in Education Scholarship


I was interested in studying the development of second language literacies. My chair respected my choice and research interests. She contacted the most prominent scholars in the field of second language literacies, and Dr. Keiko Koda, a professor from the Carnegie Mellon University, agreed to serve on my Ph.D. committee. This example illustrates the unprecedented support that doctoral students receive in literacy at UW.

- Anna Shur, Ph.D. '18